you capture: patriotism


Good morning! This week’s You Capture theme was Patriotism. I have to admit that this is one of the absolute busiest weeks of the year for me and most of the time I found myself without my camera, only my trusty iPhone. So please forgive me, as all of these photos were shot with my phone. So not like me.

Averie had an ortho appointment right before the weekend and had her braces switched to… you guessed it. Red and blue.


Glammed up in red, white, and blue:


The hometown parade:


This flag was proudly waving at the quaint, rural cemetery where we buried my grandmother a few weeks ago. The flags in the lower corner are part of a tribute to the veterans buried there. Beautiful.


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  • Em S.

    Great shots…even with the phone they look great!

  • Thedayleigh

    Beautiful tribute

  • Anonymous

    Great shots! Love the red and blue braces!! She’s so festive!!