and they’re off…

Today marked the beginning of another school year…

I expected to be jumping for joy at having some time to myself,

but it is a melancholy sort of day.

Ashton was almost “too cool” this morning to take his photo in front of the school. Then his twin happily agreed, so he trudged over.

Bridger told me that if I could just go to school with him so he could see me all day long, it would be perfect.

Averie’s nerves were going full-speed. She’s a big middle-school deal now. Luckily, one of her bffs came over early, and I took them to school together. Two girls facing the unknown is better than one.





On a sidenote, I have accomplished more today than I have in ages. :)


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  • Anonymous

    Cute kids! We still have a week to go.

  • Anonymous

    At least you were able to accomplish a lot today! The kids are all so cute! Ave and her friend look so grown up! I think we are gonna start Monday…IF I can get organized Friday and over the weekend, that is!

  • Sandi Gibbons

    I was so glad that Sierra has made a friend here to go to the first day of Junior High together. She was so freaked out about the school being so big.

  • Anonymous

    They look so stinkin’ cute!