august, really?

How can this summer be coming to an end before it’s even gotten started? Ohmygoodness, I haven’t even thought about mentally preparing myself for yet another long, cold, gloomy {did i say cold} winter. Because you know in North Dakota it’s pretty much winter from September through May.

The next few weeks are going to be spent shuffling Bridger back and forth to choir camp, which I stupidly volunteered to bring snacks for but thank goodness they cannot be homemade so now I am in charge of bringing 64 string cheeses, and then driving Averie back-and-forth to dance camp every day {can she please just get her license already? i mean, she is 12!}. And let’s not forget all the school preparations that need to be done {pat on back: for the first time EVER, i bought school supplies early}… sports physicals, registrations, middle school orientations, meet-the-teachers, appointments, haircuts. I’m sure I’m forgetting about 84% of my list.

There are FOUR DAYS in between now and the start of school when my husband will also be available {not stuck at work} and we are thinking we should try and squeeze one quick trip in there before we are tied down and not able to go anywhere. Hmmm… where should we go? We are leaning towards western Montana.

Speaking of being tied down and unable to travel, we said SCREW IT! and bought tickets for the Lions/Broncos game in October, which means YAY! COLORADO! FOOTBALL! BEER! MOUNTAINS! FUN! This will be the kids’ first NFL game and they are already counting down the days. Or maybe just I am. If you are wondering why the hell anyone would ever want to go to a Lions game, well, ask my husband. I just heard Colorado and immediately agreed to anything and everything.

We’ve been busy getting house projects done… front doors and staining and new carpet and sealing the driveway and holy crap, the list of things we should but probably will never do just keeps getting longer and longer and then I just feel utterly exhausted just thinking about it and lose all my steam and motivation and here I sit, with 136 unfinished projects that will wait another year until I decide to finish them! Sigh.

I did, however, get off my ass to save a tree this week after a storm blew in and tried to kill it. No man-help needed.



Phew. Exhausting, I tell ya.

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  • Tiffany S

    I totally get it.  My husband has some free time lately, and the honey-do list?  It multiplies the more time he has to work on it!  :)

  • Anonymous

    I think I am stuck going to the Broncos v. Bengals game.  I think I might rather see the Lions :)

  • Anonymous

    So much to do, so little time! No rest for the weary! Hope the tree survives!

  • Anonymous

    I hear you on the “omg is summer almost over?” panic.  Oy vey.