back in the running shoes

It’s no secret that I have fallen off the exercise wagon this summer. My body has seen hardly any heart-pumping action since, oh, my 1/2 marathon in early June. It’s terrible, really.

I knew I needed something to kick my ass into gear. I know that many people are suffering from the same woes. My partner-in-crime and I made the decision to organize a big, virtual race, complete with sponsors, t-shirts, swag, and medals! Because, really. Who doesn’t love a little race bling and swag? Oh. And exercise?

I have registered for the 5K run, which for me is really no big deal, I do did that distance all the time. This time around, however, I am contemplating starting {and finishing} the couch-to-5K program. I can run for little bursts at a time, but nothing to brag about. It’s been so long, hell, maybe I can’t even do that anymore. I don’t really like running or care if I am ever fast and furious, but I tend to do better when I have a plan and a bit of structure. This may be the perfect time for me to actually follow through on this program. Who’s with me?? Friends make it soooo much better.

Now, about the race:

On Saturday, October 22nd,

we’ll all run our own race,

in our own place,

at our own pace!

It’s time to lace up your shoes and get ready for the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans 3rd Annual Virtual 5K/10K – Run the ‘Hood!

Register for Run the 'Hood 2011 Virtual 5K/10K in Worldwide!  on Eventbrite

Are you scratching your head and wondering what a Virtual 5K/10K is?

Run the ‘Hood is our 3rd annual virtual race at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. We have an amazing online community of women and men, and because we can’t all get together for the same race, in the same city, we race together -virtually.In 2009 and earlier this year, we trained and ran an awesome 5K virtually all over the country – with all of our Sisters (and Brothers!).We’re upping the ante in 2011 and adding a 10K and 1 mile kids fun run, so runners of all ages and ability can join in. AND, this year, in order to make our Virtual 5k/10K feel even more like a real race, we have race t-shirts! Everyone LOVES a race t-shirt, right? And medals? Yep, we’ve got those, too.

Run The 'Hood T-shirt

Who can register for the race?

ANYONE. If you’re reading this, you’re welcome to join our race. You can also invite your mother, your brother, your neighbor, your cranky co-worker, your grandma, your kids, even your grandkids. This race is for people of every age and ability – even if you think you could never complete a 5K, trust me YOU can.

Maybe you don’t have a 5K near you? Maybe you are scared to sign up for a race? Well, a virtual race is EXACTLY what you need!! You build your own race course, train for your race, and join all of your Sisters and Brothers virtually on race day!
Not a runner? That’s okay! You can register to walk the 5K or 10K!

Visit our Race Central page here!

You will find all your questions answered, as well as helpful links and tips!


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  • amber p

    Sounds like fun.  I personally hate running, but have been thinking I should do something.  Maybe I should make a point to join you!

    • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans

      You should totally join me!! (or if nothing else, you can sign up to walk!)

  • kay6672

    I’m with you, girl! I’ve decided I need to face my Waterloo once and for all! I’m going to follow the C25K plan, starting this Saturday. Keep me honest, ‘mkay?

  • Anonymous

    Seeing as this is 6 days after my marathon I do not plan on registering, but I’ll certainly cheer you all on & if I’m feeling good that day, I might crank out a 5k with you (but, in all honesty, I’m hoping to just be able to walk by then).

  • Nancy

    There is no contemplating about it hooker.  You are doing this with me and I started C25K morning.  We are running this race beginning to end together if I have to put my fat ass on a plane and run it side by side.  How cool would that be!!!  We can and will do this.  I’ve got about 20 years on you.  If I can do it, so can you.