instaFriday {26 aug}

Last weekend, the older kids were gone and the twins went to stay with Grandpa and got him all to themselves. Ashton told his teacher that was the favorite part of his summer. Awww!

While they were gone, Justin and I did what any normal childless parents would do… go out to eat and to play bingo, only ending up at a dive bar with carpeted ceilings filled with all kinds of unknown nasties.

Look what the twins bought me while they were visiting Grandpa:

We have tons and tons of disgusting spiders outside our house:

I started the Couch-to-5K program and successfully completed week one! {join me!} My training bud:

Enjoying the last few days of summer break:

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  • Nicole Brandt

    Happy InstaFriday!
    That heart is so pretty! A day with no kids around?? I have no idea where I would even start!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am still awestruck by the carpeted ceilings…I cannot even imagine!

    Loved the silly pics of your cute kids! Good luck on the C25K!

  • Anonymous

    Nice! Although I can’t say the same for the carpeted ceiling.