This week was filled with appointments and physicals and activities. I think I burned through two tanks of gas JUST running the kids around.

We picked up the boys’ equipment, which I think I did alright making it home only missing one knee pad. Do you know how much gear is needed? I felt a bit overwhelmed times two.




My LITTLE GIRL had middle school orientation this week. MIDDLE SCHOOL. That makes me sad… and old. My wrinkles have doubled just thinking about it.

We are trying to enjoy the last bits of summer:

Except for the day that sick got the better of him:


Moonlight through the curtains:

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  • Amy

    Stopping by from Life Rearranged! I can’t imagine how it feels to have one go to middle school! My oldest is beginning 4K and I’m so sad.  And those two boys in their football uniforms are so adorable! Or ‘cool’ is what they’d probably prefer to be called.  :) Have a great weekend!

  • morrison lane

    i am a nanny and one of the fellas is doing flag football this season and thinks he is so cool!  except last week he forgot his underwear and needless to say…he was a little embarrassed when they pulled the flag!  :-)

  • Holly

    I hear ya when it comes to middle school. It all happens just too fast.  In my case jr. high starts a year earlier where we are now than where I grew up, so it really is happening all too soon for me.

  • Anonymous

    Those pictures are so awesome!  My two have their high school orientation in a couple weeks.  *sniff*

  • Michele

    Visiting from Life Rearranged :)  Great photos!  Kiddos just grow up too fast!  Enjoy the final days of summer!

  • Melissa Hensler

    Love the football pictures.  I’m looking forward to the day when I get to start carting my little man around to practices with all that gear.  I’m sure after a week or so I’ll be over it, but for now…

  • Kiraku1194

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