Welcome to another edition of my life via the wonderful app known as instagram!

My husband went on days off, we packed up our SUV and headed west for a quick-last-minute trip before school starts! We wanted to check out the Bozeman/Missoula areas.

The best thing?


Missoula is just GORGEOUS. We would totally live there if it wasn’t so out-of-the-way of everything for us!

Traveling Tip: Don’t let your kids have Starbucks, because decaf or not, they will still be hyper.

My daughter and twins loved the carousel, the 14-year-old? Not so much.

On the way home, we almost died as we were attacked by the monstrous infiltration of death-eating grasshoppers.


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  • Tammikins2000

    Oh, how I love Montana!!!! What fun pics!!!

  • Anonymous

    Love your pictures! The picture with your oldest son CRACKS ME UP! Reminds me of my oldest son when I take his picture!

  • Anonymous

    Love the picture of the hyper kids in the car and the pretty scenery.  The one with the grasshoppers?  Notsomuch.