toothpaste {conversation}


This mornings shower-brushteeth-getdressed-combhair routine consisted of Ashton bitching to me about Bridger’s lack of toothpaste etiquette {it was bridger’s turn in the shower}. He makes a horrible mess, leaving toothpaste all around the tube and stringing to whatever happens to be near it {usually my brush or straightening iron}.

Bridger steps out of the shower and immediately Ashton starts in on him about the toothpaste.

Ash: You REALLY need to start cleaning up your own toothpaste mess. I have to do it EVERY DAY.

BB: You are acting like you are SO much older than me.

Ash: I am. Twelve minutes. I’ve seen more life than you. I am 12 minutes smarter than you, too.

Those are fightin’ words. Don’t ever question their smartness. I can still here them, upstairs, arguing and asking each other questions of square roots, scorpions, money, and science and screaming, “HAH! SEE?! I AM SMARTER THAN YOU!”


  • Anonymous

    Too funny! We have the same conversations going on in my house right now….only it’s between my 21 year old and 7 year old! Hum…want to take a guess who wins usually??

  • Anonymous

    Ha! Sadly, I can totally relate.

  • Mel (@MelGetsFit)

    LOL!  Adorable. :)

  • Anonymous

    It’s probably aggravating as hell for you, but that’s hilarious!