instaFriday {september 30}

Apparently, I’m always really busy on Fridays since it’s been forever since I’ve done an instaFriday post!

We started last weekend off in Dickinson at our favorite place –the bunkhouse! It was a beautiful weekend filled with friends, family, and frogs!

Ozzie and I on the roadtrip:

My husband forced me to go golfing twice this week, which is great, only I don’t really golf. But, I guess if there is ever a chance I could get good at something and beat him at it, I’ll give it a shot.

I’m thinking this probably isn’t what he had in mind? Oops. Sorry, hon. New clubs are on the way.

A beautiful, foggy morning:

I love my new kitchen backsplash so much, I could almost make out with it.

What was new with you this week? Have a great weekend!


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  • Cindy Morris

    We got a few amateur golfers!! ha!! but ya gotta start somewhere!! Beautiful scenic picture!

  • Becca@ One Girl

    What a beautiful picture – that looks gorgeous! Dickinson, North Dakota? I spent 5 years in Fargo during college – but never Dickinson but I did have friends there. Happy Instafriday to you :)

  • Anonymous

    Love your pictures from the Bunkhouse!  That backsplash is gorgeous, too :)

  • Anonymous

    I love your pictures! ouch for the golf club! Love that nice fall picture of the bunkhouse!

  • Anonymous

    OH!!!! I like your new kitchen, too!!!!!