After showing my daughter the photos of this beautiful little baby, she started asking why we couldn’t have a baby. I rolled my eyes and told her it’s not that easy (why is it when you are TRYING, it won’t happen?). Her response?

“Can’t you just go to the doctor and have him put those one things in? Embryos or something? Like the OctoMom?”


Bridger: I thought of a new version of 127 hours!

Me: Really? What?

Bridger: A dog gets his tail stuck in a door. He has to chew it off to live.


Speaking of animals and utter grossness, while sitting on my bed this morning petting the cat, I noticed something on her tail. Small, whitish… you know, like a fuzz. Side note: I saw this on her tail a few months ago. MONTHS. Didn’t think anything of it. This time, my radar went off. I told Justin to hold her and ran to the bathroom to get toilet paper. I could tell by the look on his face.



I ran downstairs so I didn’t have to see.

All three of the cats have now been doused with meds from the vet.

I am about to put my third load of bedding in the wash.

And now I must vacuum and scrub my house from top to bottom.

Did I mention that we found dead worm-pieces on my office chair where the cat likes to sit? WHERE I WAS SITTING YESTERDAY?

Excuse me while I freak the hell out.


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  • Anonymous

    Worms???? {shudder}

    Like the Octomom? {snort}

  • Thea @ I’m a Drama Mama

    You’d have to botox the crap out of your lips if you’re gonna be the OctoMom.

    And we’re treating out cats for worms, too. VOMIT!

  • Anngregory

    Worms???? Yuck!
    Don’t you wish it was that easy? Decide you want a baby and boom there you go?