from bold and bright to beautifully distressed

One day a few weeks ago when I was in a bit of a grumpy mood, my husband stole me away and forced me to go to Pier 1 with him. {hello, instant mood-lift!} We found this {extremely heavy} mirror on clearance for $45. You guys KNOW I can’t turn down a bargain, and apparently neither can Justin, because he snatched it up and loaded it into the back of Wally.

The mirror sat propped against the wall ever since. I would stare at it and try to decide where it’s place should be and it just didn’t fit. It’s just not ME! The mirror screamed makeover.


Two layers of the base coat:

I painted on a base coat of gray, then ran to Lowe’s and picked up a shade of turquoise, along with some glitter crystals. The color + glitter layer went on, and then I used some silver-ish paint I already had to “distress” it.


What do you think?



All my 8-year-old wants for Christmas is clean water for 500 people.

  • Sandi Gibbons

    I like both versions. I scored a round mirror for free and have been trying to figure out how to frame it up.