Meet Digger, a miniature Australian Shepherd.



He is 10-weeks old.


I pretty much die of cute every time I look at him.



Ozzie does not feel the same way. He changed immediately and was not a fan of this little baby pup whatsoever.

Until he discovered that, HEY! PUPPIES LIKE TO PLAY!



This puppy business might not be as bad as he first thought.


  • Nanci Cernak

    OH MY GOSH!! Digger is TOO cute!!!! I have 2 mini aussies, Blue (2) and Ozzie (5). They are great daogs, very intelligent. But I will say that Blue, who we’ve had since he was 8 weeks old, is THE DEVIL. lol I always tell him it’s a good thing he’s so darn cute. :) I can’t wait to see more pictures as you post them. Congrats!

  • http://faithfamilylovejoy.wordpress.com Laura P

    So cute!  That second picture you posted would have me wrapped around his little paw if he was mine. Ugh.  Oh wait, I think that is a similar look that our redheaded doxie gave me when we picked her out.

  • Heather

    I might come and steal your dog… 😉

  • Anngregory

    Adorable! So glad Ozzie decided he was alright! It’s hard to deal with animals that don’t get along!

  • Anonymous

    Oh the cute!

  • http://twitter.com/mendingjen Jen

    OMG….what a cutie!!