hat trick

I was on the phone with my business partner this morning talking about, you know, business. The twins were upstairs going through the morning routine of showering, brushing teeth, and getting dressed. It’s always a little risky leaving them up there to accomplish these monumental tasks without supervision.

They came running down the stairs, yelling out “MOM!” excitedly and I tried to ignore and held up my finger to signal that I was involved in a highly-important conversation on the phone.

Both boys planted themselves in front of me, unable to hold still because of the anticipation. Finally, I hung up my phone. They both started talking at once.



“Ashton was peeing, and he sneezed and farted at the same time!! He was doing all three at once! Like this!”

Insert farting noises, sneezing, and pee sounds, times two.

It is obviously the highlight of their day.

And probably mine.

  • http://www.kidnappedbysuburbia.com keli hoskins

    that is seriously amazing. i’m in awe!

    • http://www.whereverimaywander.com LissaJoy

      boys are crazy.

  • http://www.oldnicholsfarm.com/ Jess

    Ha!  I hope you didn’t have to clean the bathroom!  I know mine can’t hardly aim straight even without sneezing and farting.  😉

  • Anngregory

    Nothing like little boys to brighten your day!