instaFriday {february 3}

It’s Friday! Hooray! I am so looking forward to having a low-key, relaxing weekend!

We started off last weekend by heading to Deadwood, South Dakota for a bit of birthday fun for my husband, and to pick up his birthday present -a puppy! {no, he didn’t get his blowgun *snort*}

Wally turned 25,000 miles on the way. Sniff. My baby is getting old.

The kids expended some of their never-ending energy in the pool, while mama relaxed in the lounger with a beer in hand.

Then, we ditched the kids and went downstairs for some adult fun- drinks and gambling. Only it’s no fun when you lose. Or when you wake up the next morning with a massive hangover.

At lunch, the breeders called and said they were running earlier than expected. We scarfed our food and rushed to pick up this guy.


The kids celebrated their 100th day of school this week! The 3rd graders were supposed to dress up as though they were 100 years old. Here is Bridger, Ashton is apparently “too cool”:

Also? *insert shameless plug* I launched a new website this week –Shrinking Kitchen! Go check it out!


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  • Holly

    Oh my gosh I LOVE your puppy! WAY too cute!! 😀

  • Bailey K.

    oh goodness your pup is so cute! i want one. :)

    i love your photos! :) i’m starting a new instagram link party on my blog, and i’d love for you to help me get it started!

    thanks so much!

  • Anonymous

    He makes a great looking kid from the 1900’s! Or from 2012;)!
    Love the puppy and he seems to be adjusting very well!