Stitch Fix vol. 8

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There is hardly anything I love more than getting an email in my Inbox from Stitch Fix saying my fix has shipped. I will admit I totally peek at the checkout page for my fix and Google each piece to see if I can find photos of it. I know, that’s terrible, but I seriously can’t wait until it shows up on my doorstep. Yeah, I obviously don’t get out much!


I opened the box to find a cute embroidered blouse and necklace, but the rest of the box was kind of… meh. THREE polyester blouses, a horizontal-striped dress, and a necklace. How much polyester does one person need?? Not.That.Much.

The Fix:

Lawrence Fringe Pendant Necklace by Zad {$42}:  This necklace is pretty cute. It reminds me of a jellyfish, not that jellyfish are overly cute or anything, but I like it nonetheless, so it’s a keeper! Rate: B+

Kayli Stripe Cotton Fit & Flare Dress by Pomelo {$78}: First off, the horizontal stripes -blech! It does nothing to flatter my figure at all. Also, I don’t know that I would ever pay $78 for a simple striped dress. No thank you.   Rate: D

Sadie Embroidered Neckline Tab-Sleeve Blouse by Papermoon {$48}:  This was my favorite piece in my box. I like the cut and even the color. It’s probably something I would have never, ever picked out for myself, but it’s super cute! I’m actually wearing it right now with skinny jeans and boots. Keep! Rate: A-

Shakira Lace Sleeve Blouse by Papermoon{$48}:  This top would have almost been a keeper, had it not been for the odd darts around the armpit/boob area. A lot of people commented that it looks too tight, only it’s that weird stitching that gives it that appearance. The sleeves were a little tight, but the chest area was plenty loose. Sent back. Rate: C

Esten Printed Stripes Sleeveless Blouse by Collective Concepts {$38}:  I hate this top. Yet another polyester top, combined with my other favorite, horizontal stripes. NOOOOO! This style of shirt is not at all flattering on my body, either. Couldn’t put this one back in the box fast enough. Sent back. Rate: F

Overall Stitch Fix Grade:  C

This is my second fix in a row that I have been pretty disappointed in. I wonder if I can request certain stylists each time? The ones that hit the mark when styling me? I put a few changes into my style profile after this one – Only 1 polyester top per fix, max; No more sleeveless button-down-type blouses; and that I’m willing to spend up to $150 on select pieces if they are super awesome!

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    love the necklace!