conversations:: lifesavers and mythological creatures


BB: I know why LifeSavers have holes in them.

Me: Really? Why?

BB: So if you start choking on one, you can still breathe.


As we are driving along to our various 1,083 evening activities, the subject turns to BigFoot and other creature-monsters.

BB: Mom, do you think the Loch Ness monster is real or mythological?

Me: I think there is a possibility it is real. There are lots of species of creatures we don’t know much about or have little contact with humans. How about you?

BB: I’m not sure. I really just wanted to say the word mythological.



who spiked the hot chocolate?

It was the perfect evening to drive around and look at pretty Christmas lights throughout our town.

Being the awesome mom that I am, I mix up six hot chocolates-to-go.

We pile in the Expedition, turn on the Christmas carols, and set out in search of the best lights, as we sip on our drinks.

We ooooh and aaaaah over this beautiful sight:

and then all returns to normal.

listen. These are my children on hot chocolate.

I shake my head, look at my husband, and laugh.


Our youngest child is giving up gifts this Christmas
and collecting donations for CLEAN WATER!
Click the photo below to donate directly to his project!

Merry Christmas!

Flipping Out

toothpaste {conversation}


This mornings shower-brushteeth-getdressed-combhair routine consisted of Ashton bitching to me about Bridger’s lack of toothpaste etiquette {it was bridger’s turn in the shower}. He makes a horrible mess, leaving toothpaste all around the tube and stringing to whatever happens to be near it {usually my brush or straightening iron}.

Bridger steps out of the shower and immediately Ashton starts in on him about the toothpaste.

Ash: You REALLY need to start cleaning up your own toothpaste mess. I have to do it EVERY DAY.

BB: You are acting like you are SO much older than me.

Ash: I am. Twelve minutes. I’ve seen more life than you. I am 12 minutes smarter than you, too.

Those are fightin’ words. Don’t ever question their smartness. I can still here them, upstairs, arguing and asking each other questions of square roots, scorpions, money, and science and screaming, “HAH! SEE?! I AM SMARTER THAN YOU!”




As we were driving home from soccer today {and dance, and track…}, I asked the twins how they liked soccer. Ashton then asked me how Averie was while she was waiting. I replied that she was good, because she thought their coaches were cute {these boys must have been 15, tops}.

Ash: She thinks EVERY boy is cute.

Me: Yeah, I know. :(

Ash: When can she have a boyfriend so she can just get OVER this already?


My answer? NEVER!

If you are a Mom to girls {or boys}, at what age did you let them “date” or have a boyfriend? Do you talk to your kids about this kind of stuff, or just sort of “let it be”?

We are pretty open about it and my daughter talks freely about all the boys she has crushes on, who her friends are “dating”, and all of that. I know I didn’t ever speak of such things to my parents when I was her age, I would have died of embarrassment! I’m curious to see what you all have to say on the topic!

love and brothers

A few weeks ago, my daughter was at a friend’s house {i swear i never see that girl on weekends anymore}, so it was just me and the boys. I came walking out of my room and there was Bridger, racing out of Averie’s room. He had that crap-i’ve-been-caught look all over his face, so I asked him what he was doing in his sister’s room. {looking for BeastQuest books} Right, because every 11-year-old girl has a bookshelf of BeastQuest books. I have been a mother for many, many years now and I knew exactly what he was doing. {looking for her diary}

I questioned him and he admitted that yes, he was searching for the sister’s coveted diary. He couldn’t even look at me, he was so mortified that he had been caught. We {I} discussed the little lie he had chosen to tell and by this time the tears were falling. I kept it short and went on my merry way, and Bridger ran off to his room.

Later on, Ashton was trying to find Bridger, and he didn’t appear to be in their room. {he was, but went to his feeling-bad spot, under the bed} I went upstairs to check on them, and found this:

i love you

{to Bridger, from Ashton}

conversation: the children


the kids were all gathered around the piano (keyboard) this afternoon and somehow they came upon the subject of children and how many they would have when they get older. you know, because it always works out this way.

Kane will have four.

Ashton will have three.

Averie will have four or five.

Bridger? he will have ten. said with a straight face, completely serious, not blinking an eye as if this was anything out of the ordinary. he decided he will only be comfortable if he has at least that many, and that he will adopt many from Africa. also? he will have a dog or cat for every two children.

be still, my heart.

to think that these little children came from a woman who had once thought she would never want ANY kids. how i love these little people.


It has been awhile since I have written about the crazy shit that comes out of the mouths of my children, and I have lost my battery charger for my Canon and that stupid-little-blue-light-won’t-shut-off-and-sucks-the-battery-dead-in-hours, so I can’t upload any of the awesome photos I took earlier this year.

First off, much to his father’s dismay, BB has started a 2nd grade singing class and he love, love, loves it. It is his favorite “sport”. Last week, the twins sat down with me to watch the season premiere of American Idol, and we were having a blast listening to all the crazies that try out for the show. After one woman with particularly giant-sized breasts auditioned, he exclaimed, “Did you see those WATERMELON BOOBS?”, and he and Ash started laughing uncontrollably. Then in all seriousness, BB looked at me and stated, “You do not have watermelon boobs. Yours are more like Earths!” My husband has assured me that Earth boobs are much better. Phew.

We have a Yamaha keyboard that, after months years of being stored in a closet, is finally set up and getting used. The keyboard has a memory of a hundred songs or so and it has “lessons” and the keys will light up red to show you what note to play next. Last night while playing his musical masterpiece, BB said, “Mom. My finger is like Ozzie. It follows the red dot!” Why yes, I see the relation between fingers + piano keys and dogs + laser lights.

How to make your farts smell fresh…

Conversation with Ave:

Ave: Know how to make farts smell good?

Me: How?

Ave: Stick a dryer sheet in your underwear. Of course, I don’t do that, because I like to torture you guys. ;p

Justin started work last week the same day I left for L.A. and I have to say, I actually miss the guy. The last six months have been pretty tough and awful, but when it comes down to it I love the guy. It was super hard on both of us to constantly be together after we have spent the last 8 years having days or weeks away from each other. I like things the way I like them, as does he.

I feel bad for him having to work his ass off in the heat (it was near 100 degrees the day he went back!) for 12 hours at a time. He will be in good shape again before you know it! I spent this morning sewing up rig jeans for him… something I haven’t needed to do in YEARS! He should get a good laugh when he sees my sewing skills, it’s quite the hack job!

After Ave’s dance performance this afternoon, we are going to head out to my Dad’s so that we can hang out with Justin for the evening when he gets home from work. It really sucks that he doesn’t have his own shack on location anymore! How we miss those lazy Monopoly-filled weekends.


A & J

SaSa: (Wakes me up this morning…) I’m scared to go to school.

Me: Why? You LOVE school!

SaSa: I don’t want to get Fs and get grounded. I just want to get A pluses, As, and B minuses.

Me: If you try your best and get Fs, you won’t be grounded. Your brother got grounded for gettting Fs because he wasn’t turning in his assignments and doing his work.

SaSa: I don’t WANT to go to school in fourteen days!

The back-to-school jitters have started in our household! Which reminds me that I should probably go school supply shopping?


Barefoot Brothers

Justin took the kids to soccer tonight and I spent the time painting the back deck and catching up on The Bachelorette. They came home right when it was at the end of the show, you know, where it shows Jillian and one of the two remaining guys making out and walking on the beach…

BB: They love each other! (I think it was Ed? – spoiler! hah)

Me: Yup.

BB: Just like you and Dad love each other.

Me: Uh-huh.

BB: Did you and Dad used to do that? Like jumping in the water and kissing a lot?

SaSa: Yeah, when they were MARRYING!!