northern lights

I finally caught a glimpse of the beauty -from my front porch!


legendary fail.

*shaking head*

Ad, as seen here.

Oh, North Dakota.

Are we that desperate for people to come visit our state? Drinks. Dinner. Decisions. Must we really promote decision-making after drinking? Men gawking at women through a window? “Hey, baby. Meet me in my room for a legendary good time!” This is like a pick-up line gone wrong {as if they ever go right}. However innocent this ad was meant to be, it is completely {hilarious} ridiculous. The ad designer and publisher should be fired and forced to move to Wyoming immediately.


Page 12 has been deleted from the digital brochure.

Read about another WTH ad from the same campaign

The ad is pulled, thus ending North Dakota’s 15 minutes of fame.

North Dakota Tourism’s response to the ad controversy.





you capture: top 10 of 2011

Is it bad that I still have hundreds (or thousands) of photos from 2011 to go through and edit? I may get to it by 2018 at the rate I’m going. I loved going through my files looking for my favorites. Reminds me that there was much beauty in 2011, no matter how hard of a year it was! I couldn’t just pick ten, so bear with me.

My favorite photos of 2011:



Sending a message to Grandpa Barnhart.


Cyndee’s tribute:

Sending messages to Cyndee in heaven.


Deserted schoolhouse.


Drilling rig.



a girl's best friend.




i'll change the world someday







10,955 feet




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rig art

as seen last night.







My twins are raising money for charity: water, and would be so happy if you could help:
Ashton’s Thrilling Drilling Campaign
Bridger’s Clean Water for Christmas Campaign




**The kids are getting back into the groove of school and everything is going great! Other than the fact that 60% of our household has a sore throat right now. Dumb! Averie is just loving middle school, as I knew she would, being the social creature she is. The whole locker-thing is kicking her ass, though.

**These early mornings are not kind to me. I may or not text my husband every day after the get-on-the-bus rush, “MORNINGS CAN BITE ME”. Coffee makes them a little more bearable.

**I’m taking the kids to a benefit concert in Minot this weekend, put on by The Black Eyed Peas. I am so, so excited to stare at Josh Duhamel see Ashton’s face when the band comes on stage. He kind of idolizes Will.I.Am and has some sweet white-boy moves and rap skillz.

**I have never watched the show, Toddlers and Tiaras, but a mother and her daughter just came on the Today Show while I was writing this, and the little girl was acting like a programmed robot-child doing her little dance and blowing kisses. How obnoxious. That mother should be slapped. Plus? The robot-child said she participates in the pageants for the TOYS. Not that I’m judging. Nope.

**The bugs in North Dakota are HORRENDOUS this year. The worst I have ever seen or experienced. I have massive, ginormous spiders {and webs} on my front porch, around the house, on the plants and trees, everywhere. Usually, I would freak the hell out and have nightmares and scream for my husband to get rid of them, but this year, if there is a chance that these spiders will eat some of the other bugs, I will leave them. Until I see one in my house, then the freaking out will commence.

**I am now on Week 2 of the Couch-to-5K program. It’s actually going pretty well. I am thinking I won’t be saying that in another week or two when it calls for me to run longer than 90 seconds at a time. If you haven’t registered for this race yet, you must. I think it’s pretty great. Not that I am biased or anything.


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august, really?

How can this summer be coming to an end before it’s even gotten started? Ohmygoodness, I haven’t even thought about mentally preparing myself for yet another long, cold, gloomy {did i say cold} winter. Because you know in North Dakota it’s pretty much winter from September through May.

The next few weeks are going to be spent shuffling Bridger back and forth to choir camp, which I stupidly volunteered to bring snacks for but thank goodness they cannot be homemade so now I am in charge of bringing 64 string cheeses, and then driving Averie back-and-forth to dance camp every day {can she please just get her license already? i mean, she is 12!}. And let’s not forget all the school preparations that need to be done {pat on back: for the first time EVER, i bought school supplies early}… sports physicals, registrations, middle school orientations, meet-the-teachers, appointments, haircuts. I’m sure I’m forgetting about 84% of my list.

There are FOUR DAYS in between now and the start of school when my husband will also be available {not stuck at work} and we are thinking we should try and squeeze one quick trip in there before we are tied down and not able to go anywhere. Hmmm… where should we go? We are leaning towards western Montana.

Speaking of being tied down and unable to travel, we said SCREW IT! and bought tickets for the Lions/Broncos game in October, which means YAY! COLORADO! FOOTBALL! BEER! MOUNTAINS! FUN! This will be the kids’ first NFL game and they are already counting down the days. Or maybe just I am. If you are wondering why the hell anyone would ever want to go to a Lions game, well, ask my husband. I just heard Colorado and immediately agreed to anything and everything.

We’ve been busy getting house projects done… front doors and staining and new carpet and sealing the driveway and holy crap, the list of things we should but probably will never do just keeps getting longer and longer and then I just feel utterly exhausted just thinking about it and lose all my steam and motivation and here I sit, with 136 unfinished projects that will wait another year until I decide to finish them! Sigh.

I did, however, get off my ass to save a tree this week after a storm blew in and tried to kill it. No man-help needed.



Phew. Exhausting, I tell ya.

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The week since last week’s instaFriday post started off a little rough. As much as my mind wanted to sit home and hide away, we packed up the kids and headed to Lake Tschida with some friends. I don’t know why we don’t do this more often, it was FUN!


Jdogg realized he had forgotten a sweatshirt shortly after we got out of town. We stopped at one of the only {super small} towns along the way and picked up this gem. ‘Twas the only sweatshirt to choose from, but it’s pretty much awesome.

And then we passed a bar called, “The Wet Spot”.

We fished {okay, I will admit that I make the boys put worms on my hook… ewwww!}:


We tubed {and I could really feel the affects of not working out all summer}.

Bridger and I were up at the crack of dawn the next morning and enjoyed a peaceful, lovely sunrise and some quiet fishing, even though we still didn’t catch a thing.



The rest of the week was spent doing house projects, school shopping, and finishing up the soccer season. Is summer really coming to an end??


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you capture: patriotism


Good morning! This week’s You Capture theme was Patriotism. I have to admit that this is one of the absolute busiest weeks of the year for me and most of the time I found myself without my camera, only my trusty iPhone. So please forgive me, as all of these photos were shot with my phone. So not like me.

Averie had an ortho appointment right before the weekend and had her braces switched to… you guessed it. Red and blue.


Glammed up in red, white, and blue:


The hometown parade:


This flag was proudly waving at the quaint, rural cemetery where we buried my grandmother a few weeks ago. The flags in the lower corner are part of a tribute to the veterans buried there. Beautiful.


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fighting the flood

My city looks like a war-zone right now.

Dump trucks filled with clay and sand, semis with trailers of sandbags, National Guard servicemen and women at every intersection.


The enemy?

The Missouri River.



I am amazed and proud to see the community pull together in the flood-fighting efforts.


Yesterday at Sandbag Central, our “station” consisted of an elderly couple in their seventies, my husband and I with kids {ages 11, 7, and 7}, and another mother with her three young boys.

My kids didn’t complain {much}, even when I accidentally threw a whole shovelful of sand into Bridger’s face. He simply rinsed, spat, and went on with his designated job.



From the very young to the very old, everyone is stepping in and contributing in whatever ways they can. Go, Bismarck, GO! *insert fist-pump*

Please keep our city in your thoughts and prayers as the water begins to rise.


in the eye of the beholder


beauty can be found anywhere

what is beautiful in your life today?