Stitch Fix Review {January 2015}

Stitch Fix Review - January 2015What is Stitch Fix? Read this!

Stitch Fix continues to be on my list of Favorite Things! I still receive monthly fixes at my doorstep, I’ve just been very, very bad about blogging them. For this month’s fix, I requested pieces that I could wear when we head to Hawaii next month on our Make-A-Wish trip. Hello sunshine, warmth, and tropical heaven!

Unfortunately, my fix wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for Hawaii. Granted, it is the middle of winter and freaking cold outside, but I did have hopes of sundresses and maxi skirts. My stylist noted that they are low on warm-weather inventory, so I guess I will have to make due with pieces that are already hanging in my closet!

On to the fix! Photos brought to you on a freezing cold, windy day by Teenage Daughter photography! I didn’t notice that our very large, yellow tractor was behind me in all these photos! It really adds to my high fashion, no? Do you think my tractor’s sexy?


First up, we have the Cleator Tie Front Blouse by Daniel Rainn {$68}: I had seen this blouse on another Stitch Fix review and pinned it because I thought it was adorable. I love flowy blouses with a bohemian vibe, and this one didn’t disappoint. Verdict: KEEP!

Stitch Fix Cleator Tie Front Blouse by Daniel Rainn

Next up, we have the Bruce Tie Waist Dress by Collective Concepts {$88} and the Shelly Hammered Oval Bracelet{$34} by Bancroft. I love the bracelet… I have a thing for ovals and this piece will look cute with a variety of outfits. Verdict: KEEP! Now on the dress… well. Let’s take a look.

Stitch Fix Bruce Tie Waist Dress by Collective Concepts

Forget the fact that I need a pedicure, my legs are bruised and haven’t seen sun in months -this dress just screams HOUSECOAT to me. Like really. I picture myself wearing this and puffing on a cigar with men all around me in their silk robes at the Playboy mansion. Only I don’t smoke cigars or get invited to any Playboy parties. Heeeeeeyyyyy boooooysss…  And for $88? Hell no. Verdict: SENT BACK.


I was slightly annoyed when I pulled the Cresson Knit Top by Papermoon {$38} out of my box. I don’t know how many times I have made notes in my profile that stripes just don’t look good on me! I didn’t have high hopes for this top, but I had second thoughts once I put it on. Maybe it’s cute? It’s a great price and it super comfy, which is great for when I’m chasing my thirty-five children around! Verdict: KEEP.

Stitch Fix Cresson Knit Top by Papermoon


Lastly, we have the Blaine Textured Chevron Print Blouse by Daniel Rainn {$44}. I do think it’s cute and like the raised texture on the top, but it was just way too big. It hung there and wasn’t very flattering. If I had to bend over for whatever reason, everyone would get quite the show! Verdict: SENT BACK.

Stitch Fix Blaine Textured Chevron Print Blouse by Daniel Rainn

So, overall I’m keeping two tops and the bracelet. I was a bit disappointed in this fix, as I was really hoping for more Hawaiian-inspired summery clothing to wear on our trip next month! I might be able to squeeze one more fix in before we leave, so I’m hoping to see more items suitable for a tropical paradise! Let’s hear it -what are your thoughts on my latest fix?

Want to give Stitch Fix a try? Get Your Fix and Fill out your Style Profile here! 

And because I haven’t reviewed my Fixes for months and months, I’m also going to give you a rundown of some of the highlights from those boxes, too!

Stitch Fix Lilah Wide Striped Sweater by Fate: There we go with the horizontal stripes again. Has anyone seen the other half of this sweater? It looks like Jazmine took a pair of scissors to it and made it into a half-shirt. Ummm… no. SENT BACK.

Stitch Fix Lilah Wide Striped Sweater by Fate

The Reeda Quilted Puffer Jacket by Andrew Marck, Freida Tall Skinny Jean by Mavi, Shannon Plaid Infinity Scarf by Octavia:  YES to all three pieces. I wasn’t needing another jacket by any means, but this one was just too cute to send back. Plus, I live in North Dakota and we need coats like 8 months out of the year, so it will definitely get worn.

Stitch Fix Reeda Quilted Puffer Jacket by Andrew Marck, Freida Tall Skinny Jean by Mavi, Shannon Plaid Infinity Scarf by Octavia

Liverpool Mira Skinny Pull-On Jean {$78}: These are one of my favorite pairs of skinny jeans! They have an elastic waist! What could go wrong there? Liverpool Mira Skinny Pull-On JeanStitch Fix Lottie Scarf Print 3/4 Sleeve Blouse by Daniel Rainn: When I pulled this shirt out of my box, I thought NO WAY. It’s loud and not my style at all, but guess what? I kept it and even wore it for a news interview! I love it! It’s paired with the Liverpool jeans and my favorite brown boots from Target!

Stitch Fix Lottie Scarf Print 3/4 Sleeve Blouse by Daniel Rainn

Other recent pieces I said YES to:

  • Ivy Feather Print Blouse by Pixley
  • Ohara Abstract Geo Print Faux Wrap Dress by Market and Spruce
  • Brennan Heathered Scoop Neck Sweater by Collective Concepts
  • Ramona Arrow Pendant Necklace by Bay to Baubles
  • Jonathan Corduroy Skinny Pant by Kut from the Kloth
  • Xander Short Sleeve Woven Back Sweatshirt by Market and Spruce
  • Clarita Messenger Bag by Emperia
  • Bjorn Geo Knit Draped Front Cardigan by Staccato
  • Evie Drawstring Funnel Neck Sweatshirt by Loveappella
  • Lambert Spoon Fringe Earrings by Zad
  • Bowie Front Seam Detail Dolman Top by Laila Jayde

Do you have any favorite finds lately? Share below!

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Hello, Friday!

Let’s take a look at our week via instagram, shall we?

The boys made us their “special” lemonade…


We worked on our projects… okay, well mainly my husband worked on the chicken living situation.


BUT, I was busy turning this old family writing desk into a beautiful dresser in our foster care room! It’s perfectly imperfect and I love it!


Speaking of foster care, our life has been busy with our little foster baby. It’s so much fun to watch her learn and grow. It’s amazing all that she has picked up in the last few weeks.

She stands next to furniture!


The twins read her books…



And Averie and I have soooooo much fun clothes-shopping for her!


Christy and I found these “vintage” desks for giveaway while we were visiting my Dad. I grabbed two for the twins and she grabbed two to haul down to Texas. The boys are loving them!



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life rearranged

grabbing life by the horn{worm}s

Does it seem to you that time is flying by at epic speeds? Or is it just me?

I’ve been meaning to write about our trip to Florida. How the massive crowds at the theme parks made me want to stab people, but then the last few days at our favorite beach town soothed my soul {and feet}.

I was planning on writing about how awesome the kids did in school this year. They are some smart little cookies, you know.

I had intentions of writing about foster care. We are officially a licensed foster family now, since April. We waited and waited for our phone to ring, and wouldn’t you know it, as we were in Florida going through the security line for Disney World, we got a call for two little girls. It didn’t work out and they weren’t placed with us, but a few weeks ago, we finally had our first placement. She is the most adorable baby and we are enjoying loving on her!

Did I mention that I survived another year of the three-kids’-birthdays-in-five-days week? Just barely. We pulled it off, though, and I now have TWO teenagers. Lord, help me.

Our oldest is taking his driver’s road test next week. Lord, help me.

Oh, and today I discovered these beasts {tomato hornworms} mooching off my tomato plants. Okay, more like devouring them. What the hell. Don’t mess with my tomaters.



So, like I said. I’ve been meaning to share all these things with you; but, I’m kind of tired. This having five kids thing is kind of exhausting. And awesome.

something i did {you capture}

We have had some big, exciting weeks around here lately. I love summertime!


We have been playing with my chickens {I love them!}. They are amazing to watch. Really.


We bought 47 acres.


Oh, and we went to Florida. Rollercoasters and theme parks, followed by many days relaxing in the sand and chasing lizards.



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loves me…

How sweet is this?

Baby Tesher

When my friend Amy asked me to take baby photos for her, I said yes immediately. Hello! BABY! I love babies! And then I thought, WAIT. I’ve never photographed a baby before. Crap. The day came, I cranked my heat to 80 and created backdrops by turning my furniture at weird angles in my living room in front of our big picture window. I envisioned a sleepy baby that would handle posing and fiddling and never wake up. Bahahaha! First off, let me say that Tesher is one of the cutest babies ever. He is totally squeezable and ohmygoodness that hair! Secondly, I clearly had no clue. The baby slept all of maybe ten minutes during our few hours together? Please note, that he fell asleep after the shoot and slept the entire time while we went out to eat. Nevertheless, he was perfect and beautiful and I was able to get some awesome shots! I hope you love them, Amy! Thanks for letting me play with your sweet little bebe!






send help.

please. i haven’t seen my kids in DAYS.

instaFriday {march 9}

This week has been filled with sick.

It felt like a big school bus plowed me over and drug me a few hundred feet.

But, as any sick momma knows, life must go on.

Until the kids go to school, then you can crawl back in bed with and rest with your favorite furry pets.

Or email with one of your best friends and come up with a hilarious new website.

I had a photo shoot last weekend for a new clothing store opening soon… it was a blast! More “official” photos will be posted soon!

My order of beautiful fabric arrived… now I just need to figure out {and find the time} to create with it.

That’s all I’ve got for you this week! What’s new with you?

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I’m sorry…

I can’t work out today.

The dog ate my shoelaces.

Good thing he’s cute.

northern lights

I finally caught a glimpse of the beauty -from my front porch!