how much is that doggie in the window?

My entertainment while waiting for the kids at a pit-stop on our way home yesterday.


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My husband went on days off, we packed up our SUV and headed west for a quick-last-minute trip before school starts! We wanted to check out the Bozeman/Missoula areas.

The best thing?


Missoula is just GORGEOUS. We would totally live there if it wasn’t so out-of-the-way of everything for us!

Traveling Tip: Don’t let your kids have Starbucks, because decaf or not, they will still be hyper.

My daughter and twins loved the carousel, the 14-year-old? Not so much.

On the way home, we almost died as we were attacked by the monstrous infiltration of death-eating grasshoppers.


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you capture: water


you will find some of the most beautiful and most unusual water in yellowstone national park…





but this photo leaving yellowstone, taken at 10,950 feet up in the air {that’s 2 miles!} was the most amazing, in my eyes. lightning and thunder, it was breathtaking {and not just from the elevation}.


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scenic drive: beartooth highway

Upon departing Yellowstone on Thursday, we had a last-minute change of plans and decided to head out of the northeast entrance towards Billings instead of north entrance as we had originally planned. We had no idea THIS was in store for us:


Those black squiggly lines? Roads.

This is the Beartooth Highway. This drive from Yellowstone to Red Lodge, MT is probably the most scenic drive I have ever experienced. It’s just plain crazy and not for the faint of heart, but you must experience it at some point in your lifetime.

We cheered loudly as we climbed closer and closer to the clouds. 10,000 feet…


That’s nothing.

This highway kept climbing all the way to 10,955 feet. Over TWO MILES up in the air.

Awaiting us was this beautiful storm cloud, complete with thunder and lightning. AWE.SOME.


And because I like the dramatic-ness of black and white:

cloudburst -bw2

I should also probably mention the snow. There was a little bit. It’s only the end of June, I mean, we should have expected it, right?



As for the way down? Don’t be alarmed when you see THIS on your navigation screen:


As long as you don’t cough, sneeze, or blink you will be just fine.


**WARNING** Things may explode in your car as you reach the summit. Especially snacks like Pirate’s Booty and your favorite red Justin Bieber nail polish.

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