Kids Are Immune to the Cold…

I had to take a break from shoveling my long-ass driveway with hard-compacted-snow-cuz-I-hate-shoveling and try out my new 50D on the twins. I love the 50D -it is so much quieter and faster than my old Rebel XT. It makes me happy! ;o) I have totally fallen of the 31 Days of Happiness wagon, haven’t I? I did make about half the posts that I intended to, and that’s alright.

Why-oh-why didn’t I let Justin purchase the blade attachment for my four-wheeler back in the fall when we weren’t staring job loss straight in the face? Did I mention we are supposed to get another half foot of snow tonight? Ish.

Happy Day #14

Summer makes me happy! I just have to remind myself of that so that I can survive the winter. These below-zero temps really get to me after awhile. I miss the flowers, the thunderstorms, the bunkhouse…. everything!

Happy Day #13

I blogged over at the Sisterhood today about some of my favorite fitness-related items that make me happy! Check it out!

Happy Day #12

I missed a few… sorry!

My friends make me happy! So to all my friends, in real life and my blog-friends, LOVE YA and I am so lucky to have you in my life!

I missed a few… sorry!

My friends make me happy! So to all my friends, in real life and my blog-friends, LOVE YA and I am so lucky to have you in my life!

Happy Day #11

My puppy makes me happy!! I am usually not a dog person, but I just LOVE our dog. He has the best personality of any dog I have ever seen. He is so much fun and plays the most hilarious games with us. He loves Hide and Seek and the Bzzt game. ;o)

Happy Day #10

The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans makes me happy!! I couldn’t have found a more wonderful group of girls (and Brian too) to help me on my weight-loss journey! I was more than thrilled when Beth, Christy, and CE asked me to join them on this website. Seriously. LOVE them. And I have been meeting so many more awesome people through this site! If you haven’t checked us out, you must! Talk about fabulous support! ;o)

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

Happy Day #9

Traveling makes me happy! I have had a very fortunate year! I flew to Idaho at the end of March to go visit my BFF Megan. It was the first time we had seen each other in about 6 years. It was wonderful!

In June, Justin and I took the kids to Florida on a vacation. We loved every minute of it! We snorkeled, went boating, and just hung out on the beach… so relaxing!

My husband and I just got back from San Diego a few weeks ago where we vacationed with no kids! I am so lucky to have been able to visit these awesome places!

This weekend Les, Erin, our daughters, and I are going to take a trip to Minneapolis for a shopping-filled weekend and we also have tickets to go see The Nutcracker ballet! I am so excited!

Happy Day #8

Christmas lights make me happy! We decorated our tree and put up lights outside of our house yesterday! They are so pretty – I love it! I love the tree with our mishmash of ornaments -the ones we have bought over our nine years together and the handmade ones that the kids have brought home over the years. We always get a good laugh looking at some of the ornaments the kids made in their “early years”!

Happy Day #7

Photography makes me happy! Taking photos and capturing moments in my life, as well as others’, is my true passion! I am so excited to have found this love and enjoy learning as I go and improving my photography skills!

Happy Day #6

Colorado makes me happy!! I miss it terribly! I love the weather and the plentiful abundance of cloudless, sunny days. I miss waking up, looking outside, and seeing mountains surrounding me! The Colorado landscape is amazing. The whole family loved to go to our “dirt pile” – the place we would take the off road vehicles and spend the day driving around the hills and getting dirty. If I could choose to live anywhere, Colorado would be by far my number one choice! I am not giving up hope that I will be back!