Damn You, Auto Correct:: Anderson Version

good luck with that one, buddy.



Today, she turns 12. It kind of seems like she has been 12 for awhile now. Maybe it’s because she is my first, but she always seems so much older to me.

Averie: birthday girl interview.

First, let’s talk about 11!

What was your favorite part of being 11? Meeting my new friends at my new school!

Worst part? Cyndee and Great Grandma dying.

What do you hope 12 brings you? Happiness and joy. A boyfriend!!! {and then she retracts it as I try and kill her}

Do you love your Mom? Yes. Very much so. {enter sloppy kiss}


Who are  your best friends? Shae, Mikaila, Sarah, and Jaida.

Favorite song? Give me everything by Pitbull {and various other people that I can’t spell}.

Celebrity? Taylor Lautner and Justin Bieber.

Do you have any crushes? Yes. Will. {what happened to the one from last week? and the week before?}

What do you hope you get for your birthday? an iPhone and a laptop and the Sims 3 Generations. {good luck with that!}

If you could go anywhere you want this year, where would it be? Cairo, Egypt.

Would you take me with you? Yah.

What are your favorite things to do? Dance, babysit, and text!

Anything else you would like to add? It’s my birthday!! {woooooooo}


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A Decade Old

My baby girl turned TEN today! I can’t believe she has been in the world for a whole decade already! She is a caring, loving child (for the most part) and I love her goofiness and sense of humor. She can always make me giggle. Sometimes she seems older than her 10 years and I hope she will slow down a bit (for my own sanity!), she is my little girl after all. And I love her so much.

I made her sit down with me for a brief interview and here is what she had to say:

How old are you today? 10

Do you feel any different than when you were nine? A little bit. How so? I feel taller and older.

What was your favorite thing over the last year? Having sleepovers with my friends and seeing my family.

Who’s your best friend? Elizabeth.

Who’s your boyfriend? I don’t have one. If you could pick one, who would it be? That’s a tie between Matt and Brayden.

What do you hope to do while you are 10? Become flexible and be a good dancer.

What was your least favorite time over the last year? Being grounded.

I see you have blue stripes in your hair? You must have a really nice Mom. Yes, I do.

What do you want most for your birthday? An iPod, a DSi, a skateboard, or The Sims 3.

What adventures do you hope to have while you are 10? I want to go camping in a forest. With Bears? Yeah!

What’s your favorite food? Whipped cream, ice cream cake, and mine and Dad’s homemade pizza, and pizza sauce.

What’s your favorite part about summer so far? Having no school and summer camp!

If you could go anywhere this year, where would you go? Egypt.

This concludes your 10th birthday interview. (Cheering and screaming!)

Pssst…. A little birdie told me it’s Lisa’s birthday!! Get over there and wish her a



Dirty Thirty

Lookie, lookie who joins me in dirty thirty club today! Happy Birthday Justin, I love you. Even though you are a major pain in the ass and have been annoying the shit out of me this week.


I want to wish a very special Happy Birthday to my Godson, Quinn! I cannot believe he is SIX already! Wow! Time flies! Isn’t he adorable? Love you Quinn!


I’m 30. And hungover.

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And wish Christy a very Happy Birthday!

We want to make her day bright and cheery by sending her tons of birthday greetings! Please go leave a comment and show her some love!

Happy Birthday Christy!


Happy (late) Birthday Nancy! I hope you had a great day and have a wonderful year! ;o)


I want to give a big Happy Birthday wish to my friend Steph. She was my first friend when I made the terrifying middle-of-the-year move to Idaho in 8th grade. After not seeing Steph for over 11 years after graduation, we were able to meet up for lunch when I was in Idaho this past spring! It was great! I hope you have a lovely birthday Steph and that your boys continue to spoil you! ;o) Love ya!