instaFriday {september 30}

Apparently, I’m always really busy on Fridays since it’s been forever since I’ve done an instaFriday post!

We started last weekend off in Dickinson at our favorite place –the bunkhouse! It was a beautiful weekend filled with friends, family, and frogs!

Ozzie and I on the roadtrip:

My husband forced me to go golfing twice this week, which is great, only I don’t really golf. But, I guess if there is ever a chance I could get good at something and beat him at it, I’ll give it a shot.

I’m thinking this probably isn’t what he had in mind? Oops. Sorry, hon. New clubs are on the way.

A beautiful, foggy morning:

I love my new kitchen backsplash so much, I could almost make out with it.

What was new with you this week? Have a great weekend!


My twins are changing lives, and you can help:
Ashton’s Thrilling Drilling Campaign
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I seem to have missed last Friday’s instaFriday {friday, saturday, where did you go? sunday?}, so today you get insta*takes! I’ve got to show off all those lovely little instagram photos somehow, right?

Another week flew right by me, which means we are almost at the start of the school year.

That means: school clothes shopping… my daughter loves, but my wallet does not. Because every 7th grade girl must have this and this and NOBODY wears THOSE anymore. They are so last year.

Erin and Jaida came to visit and now that the girls are supersitters, we left them home with the young’uns and headed out for a wild night on the town filled with lavash and blackjack.

We burned off the calories once we got home by having an intense dance competition. I won, of course.

The next day, we took the girls to their much-anticipated week at summer camp. Of course, I made them pose for the obligatory photo outside of their cabin, because I pretend to be THAT MOM just to embarrass them.

While she was gone, the twins and I had some quality one-on-one time. It was spent playing games and reading in, you know, boxes. Only I couldn’t really squeeze my ass into a box.



Speaking of asses and things that don’t fit, I’ve been busy working on a super-secret project for my other site, The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. The great unveiling will take place next week! SUSPENSE!

That new carpet we put in last week? Wet. Soaking wet. Because of this storm and lots of water in window wells, which leads to water in the basement:



Throw in a quick trip to the rig and the bunkhouse and there you have it, a week gone by in the blink of an eye.




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Friday! Wooooo! Time to share our week with photos from the phone!

Saturday we spent time with some of our favorite people at one of our favorite places…


Checking out my Dad’s sweet new ride:



That night, we headed to the booming town of New England for their 125th anniversary celebration. It was actually fun and I wished I had brought the kids. The Andy Gibson band was playing and they would have had a blast! I loooooved seeing my Grandpa enjoy himself! He’s almost 90 and loves music and dancing.


Our week was filled with massive heat, as well as home-improvement projects {ugh}.


The awesome tee I ordered from Love –the money helps their two boys to come home to their forever family! Order yours here!


Last night, we let the kids let loose at the carnival…




How was your week?

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what if…

{happy world water day}

this morning, i showered. i filled up my bright green tea kettle with tap water and heated it on the stove for my coffee press. twice. all four of my kids went to school bathed. we brushed our teeth,  flushed our toilets, washed our hands.

but what if we couldn’t?

what if our water looked like this {collected from a puddle in our backyard}?

world water day

what if your child was one of the 42,000 that die each week from unsafe water and unhygienic living?


what if, instead of going to the gym to exercise, our exercise consisted of walking miles and miles each day to collect water for ourselves and our families? all the while lugging a jerry can weighing forty pounds when filled?

photos by friends, J and S Lang.

what if the life expectancy for you and your loved ones was only 39 years? in six years, my children would be orphans.

what if you could change this?

{we can}

our family of six is running to provide clean water for a community of hundreds. if 247 of you each donate twenty dollars, it will happen.

what if?

donate here:
help me spread the word?

i’m running for water
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r and r

This is where we like to spend our weekends…





I’m sure going to miss it once winter rolls in.

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Oh, Happy Day!

May your day be filled with happiness and giggles.



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You Capture! Friends

It’s time for You Capture! hosted by Beth! This week’s theme was FRIENDS.


What better friend could you have than your own twin brother?

twinsseeds (1 of 1)

twinsipod (1 of 1)

twinssleeping (1 of 1)

A dog is a girl’s best friend.

avedog (1 of 1)

What’s Going On?!


It’s been about forever since I have posted about what has been going on in our lives lately! Here’s the scoop:

*Justin has gotten a job and will start in a few weeks. It is with a drilling company, but will be a way lower position than what he is used to. The pay is decent and the benefits are good. The schedule? Sucks ass. 28 days on, 14 off.


*I was contacted last week about an exciting opportunity. I can’t get into details for another month, but let’s just say I will be flying SOMEWHERE in a few weeks, to do SOMETHING for a good cause, and will be meeting some awesome people along the way! I am super-excited and can’t wait to share the deets with all of you! And also? I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!!

*I have been painting, painting, painting. We have decided to go ahead with our plans of having a garage sale and then listing our house. Where are we going to move? WHO KNOWS!


*Soccer and baseball are done after this week, and other than dance, we will have no activities for 3 weeks! Wa-hoo!

*While everyone else in the world was attending BlogHer, my family and I were hanging at the bunkhouse enjoying the country and relaxing.


*I began seeing a chiropractor last week for my injury. I was right about it being my piriformis muscle, but I also have some L5 issues going on as well. Hopefully, the treatments will start helping and I can get back in my exercise groove!

I am trying to have a more positive outlook lately. It does seem like good things are happening, and August is looking to be a far better month than the last few have been! My Aunt Cyndee says that if you have a negative outlook, you are only drawing more negativity your way. So, friends, I ask that you all send POSITIVE, HEALING thoughts Cyndee’s way as she travels back and forth to Mayo once again for the clinical trial she is participating in! Thank you! XOXO

mrsmiley (1 of 1)


I love, love, LOVE this photo of my cousin Toya and her husband, Ross. She is beautiful and fun, and not only can the boy play guitar, he’s also one hell of a singer!

Ross&Toya (1 of 1)

Toya and my Aunt Cyndee (her mom), can’t you just feel the love??

toyacyndee (1 of 1)-2

You Capture! Joy


I’m all about joy -it is my middle name you know! ;o)

To me, nothing says Joy like friends, family, and of course, the bunkhouse! LOVE.

My Dad, Ave, and her bff…

Ave and Jaida

BB and his Grandpa

And, well, I think this image speaks for itself! Hah! At least something is gettin’ some.