Bridger’s charity: water video debut!

Encourage your children to think beyond presents this holiday season. Give a child water. Water changes everything.

Clean Water for Christmas

it takes a village.


This boy.


This little, blue-eyed boy with a BIG heart.

He steals MY heart.

His wish this Christmas is not for an iPod, Pokemon, or Legos. The one item on his Christmas list?



To raise $10,000 for clean, safe water for 500 people.

It takes a village, friends.

Can you help?

Will you help? Will you share his story on your blog, on Facebook, and through email? Or place a Pig with a Purpose at the center of your family gatherings this week?


Let’s harness the power of OUR VILLAGE to help another village thrive. We can do this, I know it.

Clean Water for Christmas.

seven on sunday

*We are spending the long weekend with my husband at work. I know I’ve said this before, but it’s a little like a mini-vacation for me, albeit a white-trash mini-vacay. I don’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning or the 10 million things I should be doing. I get some work done here and there as I fight with the totally-inadequate internet connection, but we have a whole lot of this:

and that:

with a nap or two thrown in for kicks and giggles.

*Bridger and I worked on a blog for his ongoing charity campaign, as well as a FB page! Check them out!

*We also launched a new project he is working on to raise more money! Looking for Christmas ideas? Make a donation to BB’s charity: water campaign in your certain someone’s name! Bridger will hand-draw and send a Christmas (or holiday, or whatever) card for that person, informing them of your gift, as well as send you a personal, hand-made card! Who knows? They may be worth millions some day! :)

*My husband took the time to answer many of my questions on how drilling operations work and how they take many precautions to make sure that our water supply here isn’t in any danger of being contaminated by the whole process. Knowing how I need to see things to understand, he even drew me diagrams. How sweet is that? He even had a pot of coffee waiting for me when I woke up this morning!

*We had an early-November garage sale and donated all the money to the boys’ fundraisers. It was freezing-ass cold, but we got rid of a lot of clutter and made $300!

*Someone decided to play a little trick on me the other morning. These nasty grubs were waiting on my beloved aeropress when I went to make my morning brew. This was AFTER I had cleaned up a crap-tastrophe left for me from one of the lovely animals, so I already had the heebie jeebies. I screamed and demanded the twins come remove them. Being the manly men that they are, they refused to touch the critters. I poked them and discovered they were RUBBER. Funny.

*This little guy has had his first-ever choir performance. I just die every time he puts on his uniform. LOVE.

Ready to head to the performance: