you capture: top 10 of 2011

Is it bad that I still have hundreds (or thousands) of photos from 2011 to go through and edit? I may get to it by 2018 at the rate I’m going. I loved going through my files looking for my favorites. Reminds me that there was much beauty in 2011, no matter how hard of a year it was! I couldn’t just pick ten, so bear with me.

My favorite photos of 2011:



Sending a message to Grandpa Barnhart.


Cyndee’s tribute:

Sending messages to Cyndee in heaven.


Deserted schoolhouse.


Drilling rig.



a girl's best friend.




i'll change the world someday







10,955 feet




linking up with



three months

three beautiful women that i love so much, lost.

my heart is so






i know in my mind that it’s


that they are no longer in pain,

but my heart isn’t ready to listen just yet.


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balloons to heaven

yesterday was a very special lady’s birthday.

the kids and i each selected the most perfect balloon,


penned a special message,


and released them to the heavens.


the sky swept them up


and we ran to the front of the house

we watched and watched


until they were lifted beyond the clouds.

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mish-mash super smash.

hello there, lovely blog, it’s been awhile!

where has april gone? time is going at super-speed lately!

i got an iphone and i am completely in love with instagram. it’s also free, so i love it that much more!

my husband had a vasectomy reversal last month. yup. i wasn’t going to say anything publicly, because their were a couple people we didn’t want to know. turns out the people we didn’t want to know found out anyway, so now i can just announce it to the world.

it’s been snowing. a lot. and cold. so un-springlike. i was having a good hair day yesterday, then i went outside.

but today, thankfully, it is a bit warmer.

we had a bout of strep this week.

i got a new tattoo {for Cyndee}.

and an older tattoo revived a bit.

what’s new with you?!

you capture:: smile


this past week wasn’t really of the smiling kind,

but we gathered out at the bunkhouse after the funeral for a special tribute to a special lady,

and lo and behold, SMILES.

she would have wanted it that way.





what really matters.

cancer did not defeat her,
it allowed her superhero to shine through.

we said our goodbyes to my beautiful aunt this past week.

it was heart-wrenching and lovely.

i know she was smiling down on us.

have i told you how wonderful my family is?

they are.


you need not be blood to be a part of the awesome.

it makes my heart happy to hear my husband say how great we are,

and that he can feel like he truly belongs,

when his other family shut the door on us years ago.

we are not a perfect family by any means,

but we have big hearts,

and big laughs,

and lots of love.

{that’s what matters.}

for Cyndee.

you have taught me that a giggle can wash away a bad day in only seconds,
that a positive attitude can change the path of the world.

toyacyndee (1 of 1)-2


looking at you and Al, i know that soul mates exist and true love goes on forever.


i have watched you love on my children since the day they were born, and they know that you are made of awesome.



we have loved your fun ideas, crafts, treats, and goodies. i only wish i inherited that talent. i may or may not be drooling just thinking of your hot pickle mix.

i have learned that cookies and cream liquor + butterscotch schnapps is pretty damn delicious. {after i was of legal drinking age, of course. cough.} trick-or-treating at your house was always the best because you didn’t forget about us big kids.

but if you drink too much, you run a risk of waking up feeling not-so-hot from the bad shrimp. {damn shrimp}

My Favorite Girls

and that a four-wheeler ride is so much better if you find puddles and mud. the bigger the puddle, the better.

i can’t tell you how much i am going to miss our bunkhouse days. those are my most favorite days. ever. the r bar is just not going to be the same without you.



your strength was amazing. inspiring. and you kept your Krank stubbornness until the very end. {i do believe i did get that trait}


your sunshine will live on.


you were loved.
you are loved.
you will {always} be loved.

yesterday is history,
tomorrow is a mystery,
but today is a gift.

What’s Going On?!


It’s been about forever since I have posted about what has been going on in our lives lately! Here’s the scoop:

*Justin has gotten a job and will start in a few weeks. It is with a drilling company, but will be a way lower position than what he is used to. The pay is decent and the benefits are good. The schedule? Sucks ass. 28 days on, 14 off.


*I was contacted last week about an exciting opportunity. I can’t get into details for another month, but let’s just say I will be flying SOMEWHERE in a few weeks, to do SOMETHING for a good cause, and will be meeting some awesome people along the way! I am super-excited and can’t wait to share the deets with all of you! And also? I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!!

*I have been painting, painting, painting. We have decided to go ahead with our plans of having a garage sale and then listing our house. Where are we going to move? WHO KNOWS!


*Soccer and baseball are done after this week, and other than dance, we will have no activities for 3 weeks! Wa-hoo!

*While everyone else in the world was attending BlogHer, my family and I were hanging at the bunkhouse enjoying the country and relaxing.


*I began seeing a chiropractor last week for my injury. I was right about it being my piriformis muscle, but I also have some L5 issues going on as well. Hopefully, the treatments will start helping and I can get back in my exercise groove!

I am trying to have a more positive outlook lately. It does seem like good things are happening, and August is looking to be a far better month than the last few have been! My Aunt Cyndee says that if you have a negative outlook, you are only drawing more negativity your way. So, friends, I ask that you all send POSITIVE, HEALING thoughts Cyndee’s way as she travels back and forth to Mayo once again for the clinical trial she is participating in! Thank you! XOXO

mrsmiley (1 of 1)


I love, love, LOVE this photo of my cousin Toya and her husband, Ross. She is beautiful and fun, and not only can the boy play guitar, he’s also one hell of a singer!

Ross&Toya (1 of 1)

Toya and my Aunt Cyndee (her mom), can’t you just feel the love??

toyacyndee (1 of 1)-2

You Capture! Summer


This week’s theme over at Beth’s place is Summer. I love summer. I love everything about it. Well, maybe except for the bugs. And the kids driving me crazy.


Summer in North Dakota means fun weekends at the bunkhouse spent with family and friends. Children running around and exploring, beer, four-wheeling, horses, tractors and yes, even some work. This year, we upgraded the old, wood deck to a beautiful paver patio. What a difference it makes. It’s gorgeous! I can’t take any credit for it though, since I managed to miss most of the days they were working on it! Good work guys and gals. ;o)


I love, love, LOVE thunderstorms. This one just came along in the middle of the day and dumped about an inch of rain on us in about a half hour. We put up the canopy in the middle of the downpour. It really was a fun time!




And the storm clouds make for a beautiful sunset.


The boys and their toys.