I seem to have missed last Friday’s instaFriday {friday, saturday, where did you go? sunday?}, so today you get insta*takes! I’ve got to show off all those lovely little instagram photos somehow, right?

Another week flew right by me, which means we are almost at the start of the school year.

That means: school clothes shopping… my daughter loves, but my wallet does not. Because every 7th grade girl must have this and this and NOBODY wears THOSE anymore. They are so last year.

Erin and Jaida came to visit and now that the girls are supersitters, we left them home with the young’uns and headed out for a wild night on the town filled with lavash and blackjack.

We burned off the calories once we got home by having an intense dance competition. I won, of course.

The next day, we took the girls to their much-anticipated week at summer camp. Of course, I made them pose for the obligatory photo outside of their cabin, because I pretend to be THAT MOM just to embarrass them.

While she was gone, the twins and I had some quality one-on-one time. It was spent playing games and reading in, you know, boxes. Only I couldn’t really squeeze my ass into a box.



Speaking of asses and things that don’t fit, I’ve been busy working on a super-secret project for my other site, The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. The great unveiling will take place next week! SUSPENSE!

That new carpet we put in last week? Wet. Soaking wet. Because of this storm and lots of water in window wells, which leads to water in the basement:



Throw in a quick trip to the rig and the bunkhouse and there you have it, a week gone by in the blink of an eye.




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As we were driving home from soccer today {and dance, and track…}, I asked the twins how they liked soccer. Ashton then asked me how Averie was while she was waiting. I replied that she was good, because she thought their coaches were cute {these boys must have been 15, tops}.

Ash: She thinks EVERY boy is cute.

Me: Yeah, I know. :(

Ash: When can she have a boyfriend so she can just get OVER this already?


My answer? NEVER!

If you are a Mom to girls {or boys}, at what age did you let them “date” or have a boyfriend? Do you talk to your kids about this kind of stuff, or just sort of “let it be”?

We are pretty open about it and my daughter talks freely about all the boys she has crushes on, who her friends are “dating”, and all of that. I know I didn’t ever speak of such things to my parents when I was her age, I would have died of embarrassment! I’m curious to see what you all have to say on the topic!

A Decade Old

My baby girl turned TEN today! I can’t believe she has been in the world for a whole decade already! She is a caring, loving child (for the most part) and I love her goofiness and sense of humor. She can always make me giggle. Sometimes she seems older than her 10 years and I hope she will slow down a bit (for my own sanity!), she is my little girl after all. And I love her so much.

I made her sit down with me for a brief interview and here is what she had to say:

How old are you today? 10

Do you feel any different than when you were nine? A little bit. How so? I feel taller and older.

What was your favorite thing over the last year? Having sleepovers with my friends and seeing my family.

Who’s your best friend? Elizabeth.

Who’s your boyfriend? I don’t have one. If you could pick one, who would it be? That’s a tie between Matt and Brayden.

What do you hope to do while you are 10? Become flexible and be a good dancer.

What was your least favorite time over the last year? Being grounded.

I see you have blue stripes in your hair? You must have a really nice Mom. Yes, I do.

What do you want most for your birthday? An iPod, a DSi, a skateboard, or The Sims 3.

What adventures do you hope to have while you are 10? I want to go camping in a forest. With Bears? Yeah!

What’s your favorite food? Whipped cream, ice cream cake, and mine and Dad’s homemade pizza, and pizza sauce.

What’s your favorite part about summer so far? Having no school and summer camp!

If you could go anywhere this year, where would you go? Egypt.

This concludes your 10th birthday interview. (Cheering and screaming!)

I ♥ Faces – Week 11 – No Flash!!

This is my entry for the Kids Category over at I ♥ Faces:

The photo is of my daughter using only natural window light. I love this week’s theme, because I HATE flash and would pick natural light any day!

Sorry, I had to post one more! Humor me -it’s been awhile since I have felt like taking portraits!

My Girl.

Playing around and having a “photo shoot” with my daughter. We took advantage of the natural light, it’s been awhile since we have had much!!

Drama Queen

Back of envelope: P.S. I hate my life.

Front of envelope: To: Mom and Dad From: Your bratty stupid mean daughter.

Note: Sorry for my behavior. I know I’m not much fun to be around or SHOP with!! So I wanted you to have this.

Enclosed: Two dollars and a Pixos bumblebee.

Yup. She’s only 9! I shudder to think of her teenage years.

Vitiligo Update

My daughter had her three-month check up for her vitiligo yesterday. We have been applying a protopic ointment to her “spots” since her diagnosis earlier this summer. The dermatologist seems to think it is working and that her affected areas are gaining pigment back! I could see they were smaller when viewed under the Wood’s lamp as well. We are going to continue this treatment and see him back in a year.

Summer Fun!

5 Minutes For Mom is having a summer fun photo contest and the prize is $500. What’s more fun than playing in the ocean and sandy beaches on the Florida coast?! ;o)


A few years ago, we noticed a spot on my daughter’s foot. It had lost it’s pigment except for a few skin-colored dots inside of the spot. It resembled a smiley face. We never really thought much of it, we just thought it was some sort of birthmark.

A few months back, we were at the doctor for an exam and I asked him about it because we had found one on her knuckles on her hand. He made us an appointment with a dermatologist whom we saw today. They ran a Wood’s lamp (black light) over her skin which revealed spots on her knees and wrist as well. Now looking at it, it is visible to the naked eye. She hadn’t noticed these spots either.

Diagnosis: Vitiligo.

Vitiligo (vit-ih-LI-go) is a condition in which your skin loses melanin, the pigment that determines the color of your skin, hair and eyes. Vitiligo occurs when the cells that produce melanin die or no longer form melanin causing slowly enlarging white patches of irregular shapes to appear on your skin.

There is no cure. It is not really known what causes it. It may be an autoimmune-type disorder, but not a lot is known about it. For now we are going to try a Protopic ointment with plentiful sun exposure to try and get the pigment to come back and recheck with the dermatologist in three months.

If anyone has experience with this disease or knows anyone who does, I would love to hear from you, because frankly, as a mother, this freaks me the F@#! out.