Dear Self…

Dear Melissa,

You have come so far this past year. 2010 was YOUR year. You finally realized that exercise and healthy eating DO pay off if you are consistent and stick with it. After all those years of constantly stressing over and battling your weight, you lost 50+ pounds and are looking damn fine. Just take it one day at a time, girl.

You took huge leaps in fitness. Can you believe that you helped organize a team of fantastic people from all over the country who raised over $50,000 for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and you finished the San Diego Rock n’ Roll 1/2 marathon under your personal goal of 3 hours? You finally got over your fears at the gym and started taking the fitness classes you have always longed to participate in. You continued to push yourself and found that you actually enjoy seeing what your body is capable of. 

You made changes in your daily eating habits, small at first, but these small changes produce bigger rewards. You are are consuming foods that are more organic, more healthy, and I am so proud of you for cooking more. You are eating healthier, and therefore, so are your children.

You accepted that you are truly a blonde at heart and got rid of your dark, moody hair.

Your love of adventure shined through during 2010. You traveled to both sides of the country and many more places in between. You were finally able to meet some of the people who have become your close friends in the years past and were excited to bring even more new friends into your life. You visited old friends that have always had a special place in your heart and wondered why it took you so long to see each other and vowed to reconnect more often.

You celebrated 10 years of marriage with your kick-ass husband. While that decade had it’s share of ups and downs, you and Justin decided to make each other priorities in your lives again. It’s so awesome to see you laugh with each other again, rather than fighting. That anniversary trip you took to New Zealand (or Italy, Norway, or the other million places you long to visit) was the most wonderful trip EVER. It was just what you both needed to relax, refresh, and refocus.

So many doors have opened for you this past year. Who would have ever thought? Writing, traveling, and raising awareness on issues that you believe in have started to play such an important role in your life. You continued to pursue your love of photography and improved your skills so much. You pretty much rock.

The world is yours. I am so glad you are finally starting to realize it.

Much love and happiness,


P.S. Can you believe you and the family finally made the move? It was a lot of work, but you are all so happy and it was totally worth it.

This letter was part of the Rethink Your Shrink challenge at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

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A Few Things

**My Dad’s surgery went well and he is recovering in the hospital. He did receive some other test results today and has an infection in another area of his body. Please keep him in your thoughts and pray that this will be fully curable with no complications. Thanks for all the kind words today everyone! You rock!

**I did 4.5 miles at the gym this morning, came home and Shredded. Anterior raises with side squats seriously suck. I am going to try and Shred before the twins get up in the morning so it is done BEFORE I go to the gym.

**I passed on alcohol at Buffalo Wild Wings tonight. That has never happened. I also left Target without buying Archer Farms Jalepeno Pretzels. They are seriously THE BEST pretzels in the world and I love them. So. Much.

**It was still light out at 8 when I was driving home tonight. That usually means warmer weather should be coming soon. Right??

**I haven’t even got our Easter decorations out yet. Does that make me a bad mother??

Weigh-In Day

This is the final weigh-in for our short Kiss Me, I’m Shrinking challenge over at Shrinking Jeans. I am sad to report that I stayed the same this three weeks! I have been in a funk for awhile and it also affected my gym and eating habits! I am doing great working out this week, however, and am going to start logging my points into WW online.

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans


Thursday mileage: 2.75 miles.
Wednesday: Husband pissed me off. Didn’t exercise. Ate a bunch of shitty food.
Tuesday mileage: 2.75 miles.
Total for the week: 8 miles.

Training Week 4

Totals Week 1-3: 5 hours 58 minutes, 26.04 miles, 1,080 crunches

Sunday: You know me and Sundays.

Monday: Made up for Sunday!! 40:02 minutes, 2.68 miles. Justin kept me company! 120 crunches.

Tuesday: None.

Wednesday: 40:49 minutes, 2.68 miles.




Terrible week!!

Send My Hubby Out…

To run errands with the kids, he comes home with a MAJOR Mother’s Day present. It’s big and red and a Yamaha. They bought me my own four-wheeler. Wow! I like it! ;o)

While they were gone, I spent 75 minutes for my long workout on the DREADMILL. (It is freezing out today and we woke up to snow on the ground!) I did 5.57 miles! I am totally patting myself on the back for this one!! That is the longest I have ever done on a treadmill! I am SO HAPPY I did it and got it done! Yay!!

Averie informed us the other day that Kane had “The Movie” at school last week. You know, THE movie. He was mortified and grossed out. I can’t believe we have a kid that old already!! Time flies. At least he doesn’t have to see the “girl movie” until next year! Hah!
Happy Weekend!

On the Crazy Train… Again

This is going to be my accountability post. I have begun my half-marathon training as of April 21st and this is going to be where I keep track of my progress.

I am asking you to give me encouragement and to also chew my ass when I start to slack.I am using my 17-week training schedule that I used last year training for the Steamboat Springs half.

My goal this year is to complete another 13.1 towards the end of August/beginning of September and cut 40 minutes off of last year’s time. I am starting from scratch, I have done no running whatsoever this year!

Week One: TOTAL WEEK ONE: 7.79 miles, 1 hour 45 minutes. :o)
Monday: 30 minutes, 2.21 miles, 120 crunches
Tuesday: 30 minutes, 2.22 miles, 120 crunches – I had to really push myself to finish today, my face feels like it is going to explode from my sinus infection and my legs felt like lead!!
Wednesday: Weekly Weigh-In: -3.2 lbs! Rest/Recovery day.
Thursday: 30 minutes, 2.21 miles, 120 crunches. Weights: Arm exercises x 5, 10 reps, 3 sets. Leg exercises x 3, 10 reps, 3 sets.
Friday: Turbo Jam, 20 minutes.
Saturday: 15 minutes, 1.15 miles, 120 crunches, 60 bridges. Yeah, I suck today.