Anderson Snow Bowl 2011

It was the perfect day for the first annual Anderson Snow Bowl 3-on-3 tournament!


Don’t be jealous of my cornstalk overalls. They’re pretty hot.

Averie, Bridger, and I versus Justin, Kane, and Ashton.

Bamboo vs. Outlaws.

It was fierce competition from the get-go.

Not really.

I think my teammates were more interested in eating snow than getting the football into the endzone.

The Outlaws prevailed.


Better watch out. We’ll get you next year.

water = life. clean water for Christmas.

found while cleaning

His Dad will be so proud.

After waiting all these years, he finally has a son that is interested in football.

Just not as much as Pokemon.

I can’t wait for the day my house is covered in footballs instead of these freakin’ cards.


This week was filled with appointments and physicals and activities. I think I burned through two tanks of gas JUST running the kids around.

We picked up the boys’ equipment, which I think I did alright making it home only missing one knee pad. Do you know how much gear is needed? I felt a bit overwhelmed times two.




My LITTLE GIRL had middle school orientation this week. MIDDLE SCHOOL. That makes me sad… and old. My wrinkles have doubled just thinking about it.

We are trying to enjoy the last bits of summer:

Except for the day that sick got the better of him:


Moonlight through the curtains:

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Scraping By

I think it’s been awhile since I actually posted anything about life. I think I stick to photos because they are beautiful and uplifting, something which I haven’t been feeling lately. I am in a rut. I keep hoping for some forward progress, a lifting of the fog, only it just keeps getting thicker. This year has definitely been a tough one – I desperately hope that this is not a sign of things to come in my 30s.

I had an MRI last week, and after waiting to hear from the neurologist’s office and them not getting back to me, I just went to the hospital and got a copy of the report myself. Radiologist’s impression?

1. Broad-based bulging and herniated disc at L5-S1 displacing the left S1 nerve rootlet posteriorly as it enters its lateral recess. Moderate bilateral neural foraminal stenosis.

2. Bulging disc with posterior annular tear at L4-L5.

I am curious as to what that will mean in terms of the future. This shit is getting OLD! And progressively WORSE! Or maybe I am just getting old??

We have been keeping super busy with school and football -Kane and the twins are all in football and Averie cheers for the youth league! Someone in our household has football EVERY day, including Sundays! Justin has been on days off and seems to be excited about the twins being in football – they have been going over plays and rules on a daily basis. ;p


Playing with textures!




I really need to get my shit together.

First off, I want to send a huge Happy Birthday wish out to my BFF from college, Hannah! I hope you are having a fabulous vacation! Love you!

I am losing my mind. I swear! The last few weeks I don’t even know what day it is, let alone what needs to be done! We missed Kane’s middle school orientation last week with me being in L.A. and the kids staying with my parents, so we dropped in today to go check out the school and practice his locker combination. I brought his physical form and dropped it in the office, and the principal asked if we were there to attend the football equipment handout. I was like, “What?? That’s on the 24th.” No. It wasn’t. It was in a half hour. SERIOUSLY. How lucky is that? I just so happened to pick THE right time to be there.

Now I must vent on how much I HATE football equipment handout day. Gah. What a zoo. All the pads and helmets and girdles and did I mention PADS. Am I really supposed to have a clue about all this shit?

Kane was really nervous to be in football this year, if you know him, you know how small he is. He had to choose between soccer and football for fall, and I really think the only reason he chose football is because he knows what football nuts Justin and I are. He was really excited to see one of his friends join and a few other kids who have never played before.

After that, we headed out to get his shoes and school supplies. We had everything written down that we needed and when we walked through the door at Target, I asked him to hand me the list. Well, somewhere between the IN door and the school supplies, I lost the list.

What is my problem? I know I can be blond and ditzy sometimes, but this is just getting to be a little overboard. For realz, yo.


I love football season! It’s even better now that I have my own little football player and cheerleader. ;o)

I will post more tomorrow, I am off to get my beauty sleep – tomorrow is the first day of my quest to reattain hotness before the big 3-0. ;o)


UPDATE, UPDATE: We have a full and complete league! Bring it on biatches! ;o)

Football, that is. Haha, had you fooled. You totally thought I was going to have a juicy post didn’t you?! Our league is short one team. One out of twelve. So, let me ask you this? Who’s game? If you are up to the challenge, hurry up and email me or leave me a comment letting me know you are interested so I can send you an invite. Draft day is the 21st, so don’t wait!


I went to the parent’s meeting for K’s football team tonight. This is where they pick up their equipment and weigh-in and such. We were told that kids under 70 lbs couldn’t play tackle football, so we have been trying to “fatten” Kane up this week since he has been hovering just below that. So after stuffing him for lunch and supper, he weighed in at 70.6 on our home scale right before we left. I warned him not to use the bathroom! ;o) His “official” weight was 71 lbs. Now we just have to go shopping for a nut cup, EW!

Miss A will also be cheerleading for this football league. She has her first practice tomorrow. She was totally working it at this meeting full of boys -practicing touching her toes, splits, etc. I am not so sure I want her to partake in this activity anymore at this age!!

Twins conversation I overheard today:

“I wish I could pinky-swear God that I love him.”

“Yeah, me too.”


Playing Catch-up

We are back after being out-of-town since Friday. Meet our new addition:

A little kitty showed up at my Mom and Grandma’s home. It was so skinny and little, but they didn’t want to keep it and were going to call the animal shelter. Of course I get suckered into taking it. It went from wild to lovey-dovey in no time. I am still not sure about having a THIRD cat though. Ugh. Just what we need. Anyone want a kitty? Please? It is a very sweet little cat. ;o)

We’ve got a busy couple of weeks coming up -football and cheerleading start this week and then the kids all begin school next week. I got my materials for my photography course and I am so excited to start!!

And with August comes… FOOTBALL! I love football season. And I love fantasy football! We are hoping to make it back to San Diego for the Chargers vs. Colts game this year, we went last year with no kids and it was awesome!!

So, I want to know…. How many of you play fantasy football? Who are your fave NFL teams? If you could go to any game this year, what would it be?