Hello, Friday!

Let’s take a look at our week via instagram, shall we?

The boys made us their “special” lemonade…


We worked on our projects… okay, well mainly my husband worked on the chicken living situation.


BUT, I was busy turning this old family writing desk into a beautiful dresser in our foster care room! It’s perfectly imperfect and I love it!


Speaking of foster care, our life has been busy with our little foster baby. It’s so much fun to watch her learn and grow. It’s amazing all that she has picked up in the last few weeks.

She stands next to furniture!


The twins read her books…



And Averie and I have soooooo much fun clothes-shopping for her!


Christy and I found these “vintage” desks for giveaway while we were visiting my Dad. I grabbed two for the twins and she grabbed two to haul down to Texas. The boys are loving them!



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Happy Friday, friends! What’s new? Are you constantly running around trying to get things done and wishing there were more hours in the day, like I am?

Do people even READ my blog any more? I have noticed that when I don’t write a lot, the comments kind of taper off. Weird. Note to self: Write more blog posts. So, if you’re still around, say HEY! in the comments! What’s on your Christmas list? What are you doing for the holidays?

Here is my week, in iPhone photos:

Saturday morning, we were having our laid-back, lazy morning and I came across this post from one of my favorite ladies in the blogosphere. I cried. I read it to the twins, then might have cried just a little bit more.

The twins, looking at the photos in the post:

The twins and our “pig with a purpose”:

We got our hair done, my roots were getting dang skanky, and the twins were looking like they were born in the wrong decade:

We played with a box. A big box. There may or may not be a child in there during this photo.

Bridger has been busy singing his little heart out at 539 different concerts this week. We got to have our own special “lunch date” on a school day!

Do you like my outfit? Pajama pants? I channeled my inner-person-of-Walmart for that one. My shoes are pretty darn cute though. I have them in gray and brown.

Ashton’s campaign to raise money for clean water ended yesterday. His grand total for his 3 months of fundraising? $1,100.10. Pretty awesome, huh? Bridger is still actively collecting money for his CLEAN WATER FOR CHRISTMAS campaign. I swear, he was the easiest person to shop for this year! You can give back by clicking here to visit his page!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

found while cleaning

His Dad will be so proud.

After waiting all these years, he finally has a son that is interested in football.

Just not as much as Pokemon.

I can’t wait for the day my house is covered in footballs instead of these freakin’ cards.

instaFriday {october 21}

Another week has come and gone {where did it go?}!

We started the weekend off with having some friends over… They have twin boys as well, and the cutest little baby that I hogged for hours. The two sets of twins, kept busy with Wii:

This boy lost a tooth and woke up to find $2.00. He immediately asked me to donate it to his brother’s charity: water campaign {he’s giving up presents for Christmas to provide clean, safe water to communities in need}. He also has his own campaign!

We took a trip to the Pumpkin Patch with the kids… which would be great, only the wind was wicked and blowing hay and dust specks aren’t really that fun.

We left with a wagon full of pumpkins, then proceeded to pull out their guts and destroy them into masterful pieces of art. My pumpkin:

I bet you wish your husband had this tee in his collection! {no, he is not allowed to leave the house in it!}:

Soaking up the rays, before the sunshine leaves for the next six months:

How was your week? What’s new?

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My twins are raising money for charity: water, and would be so happy if you could help:
Ashton’s Thrilling Drilling Campaign
Bridger’s Clean Water for Christmas Campaign

instaFriday {26 aug}

Last weekend, the older kids were gone and the twins went to stay with Grandpa and got him all to themselves. Ashton told his teacher that was the favorite part of his summer. Awww!

While they were gone, Justin and I did what any normal childless parents would do… go out to eat and to play bingo, only ending up at a dive bar with carpeted ceilings filled with all kinds of unknown nasties.

Look what the twins bought me while they were visiting Grandpa:

We have tons and tons of disgusting spiders outside our house:

I started the Couch-to-5K program and successfully completed week one! {join me!} My training bud:

Enjoying the last few days of summer break:

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Welcome to another edition of my life via the wonderful app known as instagram!

My husband went on days off, we packed up our SUV and headed west for a quick-last-minute trip before school starts! We wanted to check out the Bozeman/Missoula areas.

The best thing?


Missoula is just GORGEOUS. We would totally live there if it wasn’t so out-of-the-way of everything for us!

Traveling Tip: Don’t let your kids have Starbucks, because decaf or not, they will still be hyper.

My daughter and twins loved the carousel, the 14-year-old? Not so much.

On the way home, we almost died as we were attacked by the monstrous infiltration of death-eating grasshoppers.


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This week was filled with appointments and physicals and activities. I think I burned through two tanks of gas JUST running the kids around.

We picked up the boys’ equipment, which I think I did alright making it home only missing one knee pad. Do you know how much gear is needed? I felt a bit overwhelmed times two.




My LITTLE GIRL had middle school orientation this week. MIDDLE SCHOOL. That makes me sad… and old. My wrinkles have doubled just thinking about it.

We are trying to enjoy the last bits of summer:

Except for the day that sick got the better of him:


Moonlight through the curtains:

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I seem to have missed last Friday’s instaFriday {friday, saturday, where did you go? sunday?}, so today you get insta*takes! I’ve got to show off all those lovely little instagram photos somehow, right?

Another week flew right by me, which means we are almost at the start of the school year.

That means: school clothes shopping… my daughter loves, but my wallet does not. Because every 7th grade girl must have this and this and NOBODY wears THOSE anymore. They are so last year.

Erin and Jaida came to visit and now that the girls are supersitters, we left them home with the young’uns and headed out for a wild night on the town filled with lavash and blackjack.

We burned off the calories once we got home by having an intense dance competition. I won, of course.

The next day, we took the girls to their much-anticipated week at summer camp. Of course, I made them pose for the obligatory photo outside of their cabin, because I pretend to be THAT MOM just to embarrass them.

While she was gone, the twins and I had some quality one-on-one time. It was spent playing games and reading in, you know, boxes. Only I couldn’t really squeeze my ass into a box.



Speaking of asses and things that don’t fit, I’ve been busy working on a super-secret project for my other site, The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. The great unveiling will take place next week! SUSPENSE!

That new carpet we put in last week? Wet. Soaking wet. Because of this storm and lots of water in window wells, which leads to water in the basement:



Throw in a quick trip to the rig and the bunkhouse and there you have it, a week gone by in the blink of an eye.




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The week since last week’s instaFriday post started off a little rough. As much as my mind wanted to sit home and hide away, we packed up the kids and headed to Lake Tschida with some friends. I don’t know why we don’t do this more often, it was FUN!


Jdogg realized he had forgotten a sweatshirt shortly after we got out of town. We stopped at one of the only {super small} towns along the way and picked up this gem. ‘Twas the only sweatshirt to choose from, but it’s pretty much awesome.

And then we passed a bar called, “The Wet Spot”.

We fished {okay, I will admit that I make the boys put worms on my hook… ewwww!}:


We tubed {and I could really feel the affects of not working out all summer}.

Bridger and I were up at the crack of dawn the next morning and enjoyed a peaceful, lovely sunrise and some quiet fishing, even though we still didn’t catch a thing.



The rest of the week was spent doing house projects, school shopping, and finishing up the soccer season. Is summer really coming to an end??


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Friday! Wooooo! Time to share our week with photos from the phone!

Saturday we spent time with some of our favorite people at one of our favorite places…


Checking out my Dad’s sweet new ride:



That night, we headed to the booming town of New England for their 125th anniversary celebration. It was actually fun and I wished I had brought the kids. The Andy Gibson band was playing and they would have had a blast! I loooooved seeing my Grandpa enjoy himself! He’s almost 90 and loves music and dancing.


Our week was filled with massive heat, as well as home-improvement projects {ugh}.


The awesome tee I ordered from Love –the money helps their two boys to come home to their forever family! Order yours here!


Last night, we let the kids let loose at the carnival…




How was your week?

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