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You Capture – Faces!

The assignment for You Capture this week was faces! I tried to get a bunch of photos of my husband last week while we were visiting him on location at work, but he tried to run and hide each and every time. I stalked him and when he couldn’t go anywhere (i.e. driving), I turned paparazzi on his ass. 
May I present…. Justin (sporting my daughter’s over-sized uber-cool sunglasses).
And Averie (who loves to take self-portraits). 
Father and daughter. 

Want to see more Faces? Head on over to Beth’s place!

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I’m Telling.

More of your questions, answered. (Enjoy my reliving the past with all my awesome, scanned photos!)

“How did you and your husband meet?”Melissa

I moved back to North Dakota in the early spring of 1998 and started hanging out with my cousin (who is also one of my bffs!), her friends became my friends, yada yada. Justin had graduated high school the year before her and they shared mutual friends. We all ended up partying at a friend’s trailer house later that summer. Shut UP. We were 18. Don’t judge. It was love at first beer sight. We started “dating” in September of that year and conceived our daughter in October. Shut UP. Our beautiful little baby was born in June of ’99 and we got married on Valentines Day of 2000. We are coming up on our 10-year-anniversary and I can hardly believe it. This year has been really hard on both of us, so I am really, REALLY hoping that 2010 brings good things and a nice anniversary vacation.


“Do you prefer being a blonde or brunette?”Alex


Honestly? I think I am a blonde at heart. For you that know me personally, I am sure you are laughing your asses off and agreeing with me. I had light, light blonde hair until my freshman year of high school. On a whim, I died it a golden blonde. Only, what I got was an olive-green grayish disaster. It was horrid. Ever since that tragic day, my hair has grown in darker. I get bored easily and like to change it up every so often, so right now I love the darker hair. It matches my moody, bitchy side which has been prevalent for most of this year. But watch out, I am thinking my blonde, bubbly self may make an appearance once it starts warming up again in June.


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Thank Goodness! Thursdays…

I have gotten to caught up in all the negative things going on around me this year. It seems to be quite the downward spiral once I get in that frame of mind and I only wind up making myself even more miserable (as well as those around me!). I have decided that for the rest of the year, I am going to focus on the things that make me happy and thankful. Whether it be small, trivial things, or the people in my life that are truly special, each Thursday I will be featuring something!

I invite you to come on this journey with me! You can write on any absolutely anything you are thankful for OR if you prefer, take photos of your “something” and post them! Anything goes! I have no clue how to use a Mr. Linky, but by Thursday next week, I will have it figured out!

Thank Goodness! for…

My Husband.

He makes me laugh.

He works hard.
Nothing Like a Man in Shorts. And Boots. ;o)

He is a good cook.

He is fun.

He drives me crazy.

He is good with kids.
Dad & Daughter

He loves adventures.

He puts up with me.
Justin and I


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Ode to Justin


I feel like I am always bitching about my hubby when I talk about him on my blog. HEY,IT’S MY SPACE, I CAN DO THAT! Today, I will showcase his good side.

Yesterday was the big day of my first epidural steroid injection into my lower lumbar area. I was a little on the nervous side and my hubby (who is gone for a MONTH!) decided to have someone work for him so that he could come home.

He did well with his Mr. Mom title and didn’t whine too much about his duties. He cooked fabulous meals for lunch and dinner, chauffeured the kids to and from their activities, filled the car with gas, and chased me around the house trying to get laid even did the dishes.

This morning, he was up at 4 am and back on the road to work.

Thanks, honey. MWAH!!!




My husband “accidentally” called me when he was on his way to work this morning. AT 5:30 A.M.!! How dare he on one of my last two mornings without the chaos that is getting four children ready for school. I tossed and turned and couldn’t fall back asleep, and finally just got up.


And then I saw this:



And it was totally worth it.


How to make your farts smell fresh…

Conversation with Ave:

Ave: Know how to make farts smell good?

Me: How?

Ave: Stick a dryer sheet in your underwear. Of course, I don’t do that, because I like to torture you guys. ;p

Justin started work last week the same day I left for L.A. and I have to say, I actually miss the guy. The last six months have been pretty tough and awful, but when it comes down to it I love the guy. It was super hard on both of us to constantly be together after we have spent the last 8 years having days or weeks away from each other. I like things the way I like them, as does he.

I feel bad for him having to work his ass off in the heat (it was near 100 degrees the day he went back!) for 12 hours at a time. He will be in good shape again before you know it! I spent this morning sewing up rig jeans for him… something I haven’t needed to do in YEARS! He should get a good laugh when he sees my sewing skills, it’s quite the hack job!

After Ave’s dance performance this afternoon, we are going to head out to my Dad’s so that we can hang out with Justin for the evening when he gets home from work. It really sucks that he doesn’t have his own shack on location anymore! How we miss those lazy Monopoly-filled weekends.

One on One Time

Justin and SaSa participated in their first ever golf tournament today! It was a parent/child scramble and the little guy was SO EXCITED! He started golf lessons over the summer and his love for golf just grew and grew. I think my husband is ecstatic that he has a lifelong golfing partner and it is something special they can share together, just the two of them.

They ending up not placing in the top pairs, and Justin said SaSa was bummed out, but then they managed to win THREE raffle prizes! A box of golf balls, a pair of junior sunglasses, and a new bag for Justin! The look on SaSa’s beaming face when he came in the door was completely heartmelting!

Are you done yet?

Do you ever wonder what Justin does when I make him go on photoventures??


The Cable Guy

Justin went outside to move snow this afternoon. Not even 5 minutes later, he comes back in the house bitching at me that he can’t believe that I “cat’s assed” something or other. Yes, he said “cat’s assed.” Being a “normal” person, I had absolutely no clue what he was trying to say. I slipped some shoes on and followed him outside to make sense of it.

Listen, all I know is that last time we got a bunch of snow and the wind was blowing a hundred miles an hour, I got on my four-wheeler and moved snow. It took me hours. It worked fine. The plow went up. The plow went down. Case closed.

As if it could end there. He goes on and on about how in all his years on ________ rigs (I won’t say the name) he has never seen drilling line “cat’s assed” as much as I managed to do with the winch on my four-wheeler. He tries to tell me I have to stay outside until he fixes it. I go back in the house, grab my camera, and start taking pictures, which of course makes him even more mad. And… BRRR… this is what I was wearing. (Those are his clown shoes by the way.)

I leave him to his business and retreat inside. Over the next few hours, I can’t even count how many times I heard him yelling, “Fuck!”

But, that hubby of mine, he’s a fixer. Yes he is. He fixed it right up.

How does he know it was ME that cat’s assed the cable? I mean, he has used it too! It could have been him. So that’s my story until he proves it otherwise.