Stitch Fix vol. 5

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I’ve proclaimed my love for Stitch Fix for several months now, so in December I decided to take the leap and sign up for the automatic monthly fixes! I made a few requests this time around: No more cardigans, a pair of skinny jeans, and with our upcoming trip to Florida, some suitable pieces for a warmer locale -even though it will be a few months before I can wear any warm-weather clothing around North Dakota. BRRRR! This winter has been one of the coldest!

Pomelo Lydia Faceted Stones Long Necklace ($36)  – This was a pretty necklace, but I couldn’t see paying $36 for it. SEND BACK.

41 Hawthorn Freddy Sleeveless Chiffon Dress ($58)  – I love, loved this dress. It wasn’t a color I would normally choose for myself, but it was fantastic! I packed this dress for our trip to Sanibel Island, FL and wore it twice with a wide brown belt purchased at Brea and these sandals. KEEP.


I'm wearing the dress on the Florida beach! Well, under the baby, that is.

I’m wearing the dress on the Florida beach! Well, under the baby, that is.

19 Cooper Clemency Diamond Print Tab-Sleeve Tunic ($68)  – This was cute and I was hoping it would work out. The loud pattern, fit and colors just didn’t look right on me, though. SEND BACK.

IMG_1727 IMG_1730

Caramela Winslow Geo Print Sleeveless Blouse ($28)  – This tank was a cute, flowy top and for the great price, it was definitely a keeper! KEEP.


Kut from the Kloth Denna Skinny Jean ($78)  – I wanted these jeans to work so badly! Now that I’ve lost a bunch of weight, I was hoping to find a pair of skinny jeans to wear with my boots. Unfortunately, these were just too big and not that flattering. SEND BACK.


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northern lights

I finally caught a glimpse of the beauty -from my front porch!


legendary fail.

*shaking head*

Ad, as seen here.

Oh, North Dakota.

Are we that desperate for people to come visit our state? Drinks. Dinner. Decisions. Must we really promote decision-making after drinking? Men gawking at women through a window? “Hey, baby. Meet me in my room for a legendary good time!” This is like a pick-up line gone wrong {as if they ever go right}. However innocent this ad was meant to be, it is completely {hilarious} ridiculous. The ad designer and publisher should be fired and forced to move to Wyoming immediately.


Page 12 has been deleted from the digital brochure.

Read about another WTH ad from the same campaign

The ad is pulled, thus ending North Dakota’s 15 minutes of fame.

North Dakota Tourism’s response to the ad controversy.





you capture: top 10 of 2011

Is it bad that I still have hundreds (or thousands) of photos from 2011 to go through and edit? I may get to it by 2018 at the rate I’m going. I loved going through my files looking for my favorites. Reminds me that there was much beauty in 2011, no matter how hard of a year it was! I couldn’t just pick ten, so bear with me.

My favorite photos of 2011:



Sending a message to Grandpa Barnhart.


Cyndee’s tribute:

Sending messages to Cyndee in heaven.


Deserted schoolhouse.


Drilling rig.



a girl's best friend.




i'll change the world someday







10,955 feet




linking up with


rig art

as seen last night.







My twins are raising money for charity: water, and would be so happy if you could help:
Ashton’s Thrilling Drilling Campaign
Bridger’s Clean Water for Christmas Campaign




It’s a little hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that my BABIES are now old enough to play tackle football. I was feeling a little sullen as we were heading to get their equipment yesterday, but once we got home and had them suited up, my excitement began to grow. FOOTBALL!! I *love* football! Speaking of equipment, omg, I have to get them both in full pads and helmets at least THREE times each week. Shit. Just getting the helmets on and off their heads is enough to send me to the crazy house.

Anyway, it has been my husband’s dream to coach his kids at football. It is hardly possible with his work schedule, which consists of him being out-of-town for weeks at a time. When we heard one of our good friends was going to be helping to coach the boys’ team, I told Jdogg he should just go to the coach’s meeting and help out when he is home. I’m pretty sure he is more excited than the twins are.

My camera has been collecting dust for most of this year {why?}, but I quick charged the battery and managed to get a few decent shots in. Keep in mind, I was passing the football to the boys, so ignore the blur, k? ;p






And for shits and giggles, a video of their “first practice” at home in full uniform. What could be better than having a twin brother to practice with? We’ve got offense AND defense covered. 😉 Warning: Obnoxious mom-voice in the background. That’s just me.

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It’s know secret that I loooove instagram! What’s not to love?

I’m showing off my week with instagram and linking up with life rearranged.

On Sunday, the kids and I were ready to finally do what we have been planning for months. Time to run for charity: water. 13.1 miles for me, 3.1 miles for Averie, Ashton, and Bridger. {more on that soon}

On Monday, this little guy was up super-early, just like every other day of his life. But he loves his momma and let her sleep in. When I got up {yes, sleeping in is 8 around here}, I caught him doing this:

All week long, I have been grilling and grilling. I have been deathly afraid of grills for a long time. I’ve seen them flare up and hair get singed and that is just not for me. Well, last year, we “gave” my husband a new grill for father’s day, only he was to pick it out himself and never did. So he FINALLY picked one out and voila! I love it and use it constantly while he is gone for weeks and weeks!

My daughter started pointe this week, which in my head is all pretty and glamorous. That is, until I started sewing on the damn ribbons and elastics to her new pointe shoes. Holy crap. SIX HOURS. And I am neither pretty nor glamorous with my sewing abilities. Many words were cussed and fingers stabbed. Brag: She was the ONLY one in her class to arrive with ready shoes.


I may bitch about North Dakota a lot, but our summer skies are unbeatable:

My Grandma died early yesterday morning. We were lucky enough to have the chance to drive to Dickinson on Wednesday afternoon, say our goodbyes, and tell her we love her.

Random shot of an awesome little pumping unit in my Dad’s office:

And last, but not least, Mr. Shart {as seen at Target today}:

I giggled uncontrollably when my daughter pointed this out to me. I was forever-changed when I witnessed a real-life shart in the very first mile of my 1/2 marathon in San Diego last year. She was wearing white sweatpants and it.was.not.pretty.

It’s been a roller coaster of a week for me. Wonder what next week will bring?


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fighting the flood

My city looks like a war-zone right now.

Dump trucks filled with clay and sand, semis with trailers of sandbags, National Guard servicemen and women at every intersection.


The enemy?

The Missouri River.



I am amazed and proud to see the community pull together in the flood-fighting efforts.


Yesterday at Sandbag Central, our “station” consisted of an elderly couple in their seventies, my husband and I with kids {ages 11, 7, and 7}, and another mother with her three young boys.

My kids didn’t complain {much}, even when I accidentally threw a whole shovelful of sand into Bridger’s face. He simply rinsed, spat, and went on with his designated job.



From the very young to the very old, everyone is stepping in and contributing in whatever ways they can. Go, Bismarck, GO! *insert fist-pump*

Please keep our city in your thoughts and prayers as the water begins to rise.


in the eye of the beholder


beauty can be found anywhere

what is beautiful in your life today?

mish-mash super smash.

hello there, lovely blog, it’s been awhile!

where has april gone? time is going at super-speed lately!

i got an iphone and i am completely in love with instagram. it’s also free, so i love it that much more!

my husband had a vasectomy reversal last month. yup. i wasn’t going to say anything publicly, because their were a couple people we didn’t want to know. turns out the people we didn’t want to know found out anyway, so now i can just announce it to the world.

it’s been snowing. a lot. and cold. so un-springlike. i was having a good hair day yesterday, then i went outside.

but today, thankfully, it is a bit warmer.

we had a bout of strep this week.

i got a new tattoo {for Cyndee}.

and an older tattoo revived a bit.

what’s new with you?!