the other kids.

Meet Scorpius.

He hitched a ride with us home from Texas. Honestly, we thought he would be dead. And I was okay with Bridger having two dead pet scorpions. Then my husband pulled him out of the reusable bag it was stowed in and said, “It’s Alive!” Cue eerie haunted mansion music.

We transferred the scary little shit to Snappy’s (R.I.P. Snappy) old cage and right now it is living in the main floor bathroom. You totally want to come visit me now, right? It is strangely fascinating. Last night I took the Wood’s lamp out (my daughter has vitiligo) and shined it in the cage (as Scorpius was devouring a cricket). Kind of cool. But not really. Super freaky.

Did you know that scientists froze scorpions for an extended period of time and when they thawed them back out, the scorpions came back to life like nothing ever happened. Goosebumps.

So we have a pet scorpion and I am not really sure about this whole deal. Bridger is ecstatic, mommy and daddy not so much.



This is not a scorpion. In case you were wondering. It’s a bracelet. It’s pretty.


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I Heart Faces Photo Challenge – Pets Only

I am finally getting around to participating in I ♥ Faces contest this week! The theme is pets (meaning any animal) and what could be cuter than this mama and her little baby? Awww!

Join in the “Pets Only” fun over at I ♥ Faces this week!

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Curing the Funk



Meet our baby, Mesa. She is just barely over 7-weeks-old and is so, so cute and funny. We have all been suffering from the major blahs around here the last few months and needed a little cuddly love. ;o) Ozzie just loves her. The cats? Not so much.

We all wrote down names that we preferred, voted, and then for the final round picked out of a hat. Some of the names the kids came up with: Flower, Jasper, Heidi, Slidie, Naomi… you get the picture. I like to name our animals after places I love, hence Cali and Denver… Mesa was the name drawn out of the hat and I am proud to say it was my idea (you know, the Grand Mesa in CO!).