back in the running shoes

It’s no secret that I have fallen off the exercise wagon this summer. My body has seen hardly any heart-pumping action since, oh, my 1/2 marathon in early June. It’s terrible, really.

I knew I needed something to kick my ass into gear. I know that many people are suffering from the same woes. My partner-in-crime and I made the decision to organize a big, virtual race, complete with sponsors, t-shirts, swag, and medals! Because, really. Who doesn’t love a little race bling and swag? Oh. And exercise?

I have registered for the 5K run, which for me is really no big deal, I do did that distance all the time. This time around, however, I am contemplating starting {and finishing} the couch-to-5K program. I can run for little bursts at a time, but nothing to brag about. It’s been so long, hell, maybe I can’t even do that anymore. I don’t really like running or care if I am ever fast and furious, but I tend to do better when I have a plan and a bit of structure. This may be the perfect time for me to actually follow through on this program. Who’s with me?? Friends make it soooo much better.

Now, about the race:

On Saturday, October 22nd,

we’ll all run our own race,

in our own place,

at our own pace!

It’s time to lace up your shoes and get ready for the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans 3rd Annual Virtual 5K/10K – Run the ‘Hood!

Register for Run the 'Hood 2011 Virtual 5K/10K in Worldwide!  on Eventbrite

Are you scratching your head and wondering what a Virtual 5K/10K is?

Run the ‘Hood is our 3rd annual virtual race at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. We have an amazing online community of women and men, and because we can’t all get together for the same race, in the same city, we race together -virtually.In 2009 and earlier this year, we trained and ran an awesome 5K virtually all over the country – with all of our Sisters (and Brothers!).We’re upping the ante in 2011 and adding a 10K and 1 mile kids fun run, so runners of all ages and ability can join in. AND, this year, in order to make our Virtual 5k/10K feel even more like a real race, we have race t-shirts! Everyone LOVES a race t-shirt, right? And medals? Yep, we’ve got those, too.

Run The 'Hood T-shirt

Who can register for the race?

ANYONE. If you’re reading this, you’re welcome to join our race. You can also invite your mother, your brother, your neighbor, your cranky co-worker, your grandma, your kids, even your grandkids. This race is for people of every age and ability – even if you think you could never complete a 5K, trust me YOU can.

Maybe you don’t have a 5K near you? Maybe you are scared to sign up for a race? Well, a virtual race is EXACTLY what you need!! You build your own race course, train for your race, and join all of your Sisters and Brothers virtually on race day!
Not a runner? That’s okay! You can register to walk the 5K or 10K!

Visit our Race Central page here!

You will find all your questions answered, as well as helpful links and tips!


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the post where i show off my video-making skills

or something like that.

Apologies for my sweaty gross self, my wooping and hollering, and the squeaky sound coming from The Crew. Watch it anyway and pass it on! THANKS!

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It’s know secret that I loooove instagram! What’s not to love?

I’m showing off my week with instagram and linking up with life rearranged.

On Sunday, the kids and I were ready to finally do what we have been planning for months. Time to run for charity: water. 13.1 miles for me, 3.1 miles for Averie, Ashton, and Bridger. {more on that soon}

On Monday, this little guy was up super-early, just like every other day of his life. But he loves his momma and let her sleep in. When I got up {yes, sleeping in is 8 around here}, I caught him doing this:

All week long, I have been grilling and grilling. I have been deathly afraid of grills for a long time. I’ve seen them flare up and hair get singed and that is just not for me. Well, last year, we “gave” my husband a new grill for father’s day, only he was to pick it out himself and never did. So he FINALLY picked one out and voila! I love it and use it constantly while he is gone for weeks and weeks!

My daughter started pointe this week, which in my head is all pretty and glamorous. That is, until I started sewing on the damn ribbons and elastics to her new pointe shoes. Holy crap. SIX HOURS. And I am neither pretty nor glamorous with my sewing abilities. Many words were cussed and fingers stabbed. Brag: She was the ONLY one in her class to arrive with ready shoes.


I may bitch about North Dakota a lot, but our summer skies are unbeatable:

My Grandma died early yesterday morning. We were lucky enough to have the chance to drive to Dickinson on Wednesday afternoon, say our goodbyes, and tell her we love her.

Random shot of an awesome little pumping unit in my Dad’s office:

And last, but not least, Mr. Shart {as seen at Target today}:

I giggled uncontrollably when my daughter pointed this out to me. I was forever-changed when I witnessed a real-life shart in the very first mile of my 1/2 marathon in San Diego last year. She was wearing white sweatpants and it.was.not.pretty.

It’s been a roller coaster of a week for me. Wonder what next week will bring?


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where does the time go?

This post quickly turned into a smorgasbord of topics. My brain is a little {lot} scattered lately.

Holy crap! This year is just flying by {even though there are moments it’s not}. Things have been so crazy-busy around here with the end of school, you would think I would be relieved that it’s summer break. And maybe I would be if our week’s were not filled golf, track, soccer, dance and you name it. I guess with four kids, that should be expected? I also have regrets over not sticking with any sports after junior high… i was super-shy and moved a lot.

We had branding at my Dad’s place last weekend, which is one of our favorite times of the year. Great friends, family, and fun, although my heart couldn’t help but be a little sad that Cyndee wasn’t there.

Danny, being Danny:


My brave, courageous husband rescued this l’il baby:


Speaking of babies, some of you know that my husband had a reversal a few months ago. Why is it that when we are TRYING to conceive, it just doesn’t happen, but when we are not, BAM! Baby! Life handed me a low-blow this week when I was late by almost a week. A WEEK. I am NEVER late. Except for now. When we are trying to have a baby. MEAN.

Remember when Bridger raised $5,622 in 90 days for a freshwater well in a much-needed community? Well, today he got to decide what he wanted to have his plaque say. It will be engraved and hang wherever the well will be {we don’t have that info yet}.

Scorpion Well: Water Change Everything -Bridger, 7

It’s so… Bridger! :)

While we are on the subject of charity: water, the kids and I are doing our “homemade” race this weekend at the bunkhouse. The plan was originally to do the San Diego RnR race, but it just didn’t work out. So it’s 13.1 miles for me, 3.1 for the kiddos. Wish us luck! We are still hoping to raise enough money for yet another clean water well, as of this minute we are at $1,143 out of a hopeful $5,000! You can donate securely here:

We are finally gaining some ground on our home improvement projects, which puts us one step closer to selling this house! We have hopes of building this house when we find the land that catches our eye, wherever and whenever that may be. The thing about moving is that you really get in touch with what works and doesn’t work for your family. We are soooo excited to start planning! Scouring pinterest does not help with my impatience, either.

So, what’s new with you? Have any exciting plans for this summer?

i click.

Last year at Fitbloggin’ 10, I went home with a swag bag that included samples of a protein espresso drink I had never heard of before. I’ll admit, I let it sit for weeks and weeks, but when I tried it, it was love at first taste. Since that time, CLICK has supported me and the Sisterhood through challenge, Team Shrinking Jeans, and most recently, sponsoring Christy and I for Fitbloggin’ 11.

Not only are Kelli and Beth fun to work with, they make a product that I truly enjoy. My training season {like I’m actually a runner or something??} is not complete without having canisters of CLICK handy for a post-long run recovery drink. Last year, my go-to drink for recovery was chocolate milk. Post-Fitbloggin’, CLICK took it’s place.

If you haven’t heard of CLICK, it is an espresso-based drink {you can add either milk or water, drink hot or cold} with 15 grams of protein per serving. Add to that 23 different vitamins and minerals and your body will love you! CLICK comes in two flavors, vanilla latte and mocha and is now available in a natural variety!

How does that sound? Pretty CLICK’tastic? I think so.

P.S. We are giving away two CLICK goody packages at The Sisterhood. Hurry and enter by midnight tonight!

rays of sunshine

Things have been rather bumpy lately. {i feel like i say that a lot?} Frustration runs deep, and I am feeling the stress of having my husband home for a total of 4 days in five weeks. Some days it takes everything in me to parent, and I will admit sometimes I just fail. Things could be worse, but they could also be ohsomuchbetter. I need to work on that.

I haven’t been training for my 1/2 marathon like I envisioned. I use the shitty weather as an excuse. A lot. Yesterday was perfect. I asked the twins if they wanted to go for a walk, and they excitedly agreed. I have committed to paying $1.00 for every mile that our completes until our charity: water campaign ends on June 18th.

right now we have raised $878!!

We set out with the intent for a leisurely stroll… BB said he would go to Beau’s house {which is about 1/2 mile away}, Ashton wanted to do “the loop” with me {2.78 miles}. Well, we ended up doing a whole 5K {3.1 miles}! And there was barely any whining, which is a miracle in itself!

I left the boys home and set out for another 5K for myself.

Shortly before 8, Ash asked if I wanted to go walk/run a little bit more. How could I resist that?? We ended up doing a few more miles!

I am so proud of these little guys. I would have never even CONSIDERED doing two miles when I was their age!


  • Mom: 8.42 miles
  • Ashton: 6.02 miles
  • Bridger: 3.1 miles

Another $17.54 in the bank for our fundraising! Woot!

This photo? Priceless. The sun felt amazing. {check out the Garmin on his arm, he has totally overtaken it }

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the super-sized random post


Instead of telling myself, “tomorrow” and then never finding the time that I thought I would have, I’ve decided to forgo the 10 million blog posts that have been swimming in my head and just get it all out there. I can then have a nice, deep breath and a clean slate, right? Okay, good.

*I have been having lots of trouble sleeping the last few months. I wake up ALL.NIGHT.LONG. Either I am heading to the bathroom to pee, tossing and turning and cracking my bones, or having crazy dreams. Apparently, I have also turned into a sleep-kicker. I kicked my husband last night. Not the scoot-over-you’re-too-close-and-obnoxious-type of kick. A real kick in his shin. He woke up and asked me what the hell I was doing. Duh. Al Roker was biting my foot and I was kicking him off.


*Speaking of disturbing nighttime activities, one of  my kids slept-walk last week. Scared the crap out of me. He was standing next to my side of the bed talking gibberish. Freaky.


*Did I ever mention our trip to Colorado at the beginning of the year? It was awesome and sunny and warmish, until our 2nd day there, then of course it got REALLY cold and we had blizzard conditions. We enjoyed the scenery, scoped out some houses (none of which we liked), visited the Denver Science Museum, and Averie and I got to take delight in Denver’s shopping malls. I had coffee on morning with one of my best friends from college. We drove down to Colorado Springs and spent the night with a friend of ours and had an intensely competitive game of PIG. Do not try this at home, unless you are wearing a sweet helmet.





*Our oldest kid turned 14. Yikes.

*Justin and I turned 32. Double Yikes.

*Our family spent New Year’s with the Rosten family. We should really be on America’s Got Talent. Really.





*I’m going to begin training for the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 marathon again in the next few weeks. I am organizing a team of people to join me, too! That means YOU! We are going to be raising money for charity: water, will have an awesome coach for support and a custom training plan, and most of all, it will be FUN! You know, other than the walking or running 13.1 miles.

team: shrinking jeans

Where did January go? What have you been up to?


careful now.

Do I look dangerous?



Photos taken by my husband back in July before a leisurely 6.6-mile run. ;p

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It was all wrong, but it’s alright.


I’ve been doing this running thing. Sort of. I am making progress and doing better than I thought I would be, considering it was only last summer that I was barely exercising and in so much pain because of my herniated discs in my back.

With all this training, comes a lot of issues. Like toenails. Mine are black and blue and I am guessing they will soon fall off. Ew. Training requires a lot of planning. You may think that you just put your shoes on and go… but, oh no. That would be too easy.

Hydration. It’s easy to go without water on the shorter 3-4 mile runs, but when it gets to be longer, I need fluids. Carrying a water bottles sucks and makes me feel unbalanced. I have an old fuel-belt thing that I bought years ago and never used… only it won’t fit around my hips and it annoys the shit out of me having it around my waist. I tried Erin’s clip-on water bottle thing, only it pulled down on my pants and splashed water on my legs. Ended up ditching it at a sign about two miles into my 10-mile run. Propel is not my friend. Chocolate milk is my best friend.

Weather. One day it’s sunny and perfect, the next it’s blizzarding. Or the wind is blowing 50 mph like today. Saturday was freezing. My iPod touch wouldn’t work right. My nose was running. I was so cold I thought I may have peed myself a little. I ran back to my house after 4.5 miles to check. The verdict is still out on that one.

Food before, after, and during runs. I could read and read on this subject and STILL not know what the hell to do. I tried the Gu gel approach last weekend. The texture tends to activate my gag reflex. The taste leaves much to be desired. Maybe it’s an acquired taste?

Clothing. I only have one bra that I like to wear while running. The rest seem to let the girls go wild. I’m trying to avoid injuries, so I had to breakdown and order a few new ones today. I am also experiencing some rubbage under my armpits, so I have placed an order for Body Glide. Doesn’t that sound fun? And pockets… a must have, because I have to bring tissue for my runny nose, my phone in case I die, somewhere to put my iPod, store the Gu, the gloves, the barettes, and everything else I might need in my 2.5 hours of running.

Who knew??

P.S. I did 10 miles on Saturday and am living to tell about it.
P.P.S. I’m $1200 away from my fundraising goal. Want to help?
P.P.P.S. Erin, Kelly, and I are having a fundraiser at the Evil Olive on the night of April 24th. It will be fun, I promise! Come visit us!

Ignore the swollen sausage hands.

My new shirt:

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I’m Here to Cheer You On.

I am a Community Leader for the EA Sports Active 5K challenge! Woot, woot! Only I can’t run (or TRY to run) right now because of the annoying back issues that are plaguing me. That doesn’t mean YOU shouldn’t do this!

If you are in the Bismarck area/surrounding areas and want to participate, I will be your personal cheerleader. Who doesn’t want THAT? Even if you aren’t close to where I live, I will volunteer to be your virtual compadre.

We have decided over at Shrinking Jeans that our “virtual 5K” will take place on November 8th! This just so happens to be World Run Day!

Who’s in? Even if you don’t live near me, go HERE, and find yourself a run for November 8th. If you need help, I can do that. Email me here:

So the details (I am pretty much stealing this from Christie, because I am lazy and need more coffee):

EA Sports is offering a special 4 week program just for you!!! It is right here: (training program.) It’s a similar concept to the Couch to 5k where you build up to running the 5k straight OR you can choose the other plan, to walk/slash/run the 5k, it’s up to you! You will notice on the plan that there are days marked EA Sports Active workouts on the off-run days, which you can do, or if you don’t own it you don’t have to. (I do highly recommend it, however, if you already have a Wii, these are some really fun, butt-kicking workouts and you can get it on sale on Amazon.) Should you choose not to do the EA Sports Active workouts on the off-run days, any weight-lifting or cross-training will do. Trust me on that. If you’re doing this for weight-loss, you will need to add some weights in on the off days anyway. I found out the hard way that running alone wouldn’t cut it.

And EA Sports will send us t-shirts to wear on run day!! There are groups across the country doing this, so you wanna join or what?? Because training starts Monday!

Let’s recap:
1. Go sign up for a 5k in your area or map one out. I can help you with this. Shoot me an email.
2. Then, tell EA Sports Active that you’re all signed up so they can get you one of their fancy t-shirts.
3. Then, start training on Monday (you can do it!)
4. Post pictures of training and race day. Scratch that. If you are in my area and decide to participate, I will come and TAKE PHOTOS OF YOU! You’re welcome.