sam’s club + box tops {giveaway!}

Update! The randomly chosen winner is Kristin K! Congrats!

I know all of you have seen those bright pink Box Tops on products that you probably purchase on a weekly or monthly basis. But do you take the time to cut them out? Did you know that your children’s (or nieces, nephews, friend’s kids) schools can actually receive cash in return for you taking a few seconds to clip those Box Tops? It may not seem like much, but trust me, those things add up.

Public Service Announcement: Please trim Box Tops on the dotted lines. Because, somewhere, at some time, someone has to do it. Most likely it will be a PTO volunteer for your child’s school who has a gazillion classrooms’ Box Tops to “trim”, so just take the time and do it yourself. Just sayin’.

We’ve been collecting and stashing Box Tops all summer long, saving up for next week when school resumes. This year, Sam’s Club and Box Tops are teaming up to bring you the “6 Box Tops on a Pack” promotion. You can find the promotional Box Tops on such General Mills products as Honey Nut Cheerios, Nature Valley Oats ‘N Honey Crunchy Granola Bars, Totino’s Pizza Rolls, and more!

In order to help with your back-to-school shopping and box-top-collecting, I have a $25 Sam’s Club gift card to give away to one lucky reader! To enter, leave a comment below telling me what you are most looking forward to with the start of the new school year! For extra entries, tweet and/or post on Facebook about this giveaway! THREE ways to enter, just make sure you come back and leave a comment for each entry!

Contest will run through Tuesday, August 23rd at 11:59 p.m. One winner will be selected via and announced the following day! Good luck!

Disclosure: The Sam’s Club gift card, information, and giveaway have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.

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This week was filled with appointments and physicals and activities. I think I burned through two tanks of gas JUST running the kids around.

We picked up the boys’ equipment, which I think I did alright making it home only missing one knee pad. Do you know how much gear is needed? I felt a bit overwhelmed times two.




My LITTLE GIRL had middle school orientation this week. MIDDLE SCHOOL. That makes me sad… and old. My wrinkles have doubled just thinking about it.

We are trying to enjoy the last bits of summer:

Except for the day that sick got the better of him:


Moonlight through the curtains:

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august, really?

How can this summer be coming to an end before it’s even gotten started? Ohmygoodness, I haven’t even thought about mentally preparing myself for yet another long, cold, gloomy {did i say cold} winter. Because you know in North Dakota it’s pretty much winter from September through May.

The next few weeks are going to be spent shuffling Bridger back and forth to choir camp, which I stupidly volunteered to bring snacks for but thank goodness they cannot be homemade so now I am in charge of bringing 64 string cheeses, and then driving Averie back-and-forth to dance camp every day {can she please just get her license already? i mean, she is 12!}. And let’s not forget all the school preparations that need to be done {pat on back: for the first time EVER, i bought school supplies early}… sports physicals, registrations, middle school orientations, meet-the-teachers, appointments, haircuts. I’m sure I’m forgetting about 84% of my list.

There are FOUR DAYS in between now and the start of school when my husband will also be available {not stuck at work} and we are thinking we should try and squeeze one quick trip in there before we are tied down and not able to go anywhere. Hmmm… where should we go? We are leaning towards western Montana.

Speaking of being tied down and unable to travel, we said SCREW IT! and bought tickets for the Lions/Broncos game in October, which means YAY! COLORADO! FOOTBALL! BEER! MOUNTAINS! FUN! This will be the kids’ first NFL game and they are already counting down the days. Or maybe just I am. If you are wondering why the hell anyone would ever want to go to a Lions game, well, ask my husband. I just heard Colorado and immediately agreed to anything and everything.

We’ve been busy getting house projects done… front doors and staining and new carpet and sealing the driveway and holy crap, the list of things we should but probably will never do just keeps getting longer and longer and then I just feel utterly exhausted just thinking about it and lose all my steam and motivation and here I sit, with 136 unfinished projects that will wait another year until I decide to finish them! Sigh.

I did, however, get off my ass to save a tree this week after a storm blew in and tried to kill it. No man-help needed.



Phew. Exhausting, I tell ya.

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come undone

You would think they are twins or something. Sigh.



Free At Last…

I kid, I kid. Sort of. Surely, I can’t be the only mother to be a little bit happy that school has started again. Right?

Here are a few photos from this morning… Kane is not pictured because he decided to take the bus this morning. He is, after all, in middle school now. Too cool for his mama.



Averie (in an outfit she not only picked out herself, but PAID for!):


Apparently, they are all too cool for me now. Once we got to school, Averie ditched me for her friends the minute we hit school grounds. The twins let me walk them inside to hang their backpacks up, then ditched me.



I stuck around to make sure they lined up when the bell rang. Their teacher told them to wait by the flagpole, and once the bell rang they were nowhere near the flagpole. Our school is super overcrowded, so I waited until a few classrooms had gone in before I went looking.


Here they are, arguing over where they are supposed to go. Hilarious. Never fear, Mommy saved the day.


A & J

SaSa: (Wakes me up this morning…) I’m scared to go to school.

Me: Why? You LOVE school!

SaSa: I don’t want to get Fs and get grounded. I just want to get A pluses, As, and B minuses.

Me: If you try your best and get Fs, you won’t be grounded. Your brother got grounded for gettting Fs because he wasn’t turning in his assignments and doing his work.

SaSa: I don’t WANT to go to school in fourteen days!

The back-to-school jitters have started in our household! Which reminds me that I should probably go school supply shopping?

Photo by Toya

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On a sad note, I have learned that another one of my 1996 Jerome High School classmates has passed away. To Davina’s family and friends, you are in my thoughts.

The kids had their open house for elementary school this morning and I think I may start having a panic attack just thinking about having four kids in school and the amount of homework and papers we will be dealing with on a daily basis. I need a system. I need to be organized. I need….help!

Conversations and Random Peeves

Conversation with BB:

I put a Scooby-Doo DVD in for him to watch and I start rocking out and dancing to the music.

BB: You’re my funniest mom, EVER!! (Good thing, I would hate to be his unfunniest mom!)

**Does it drive anyone else crazy when people walk in the Exit doors and out the Entrance doors?? I have noticed this ALL THE TIME at Target since we have moved to this town and I bitch to Justin about it every time he comes with. It is so damn annoying. In huge letters, on the doors, it says “IN” and “OUT”. I don’t think it could be much simpler. Especially when I have cart full of stuff and a million kids and I have to WAIT for the stupid people coming in the Out door before I can get out. Next time I am just going to run them down.

**Finished up the school supply shopping today. Final count: 11 folders, 10 notebooks, 1 binder, 112 crayons, 24 colored pencils, 40 markers, 10 glue sticks, 4 bottles of glue, 58 pencils, 3 backpacks (oops, still need to get one more), 2 lunchboxes, 3 pairs of tennis shoes, 10 red pens, 10 blue pens, 2 highlighters, 4 sharpies, 2 hand sanitizers, 2 disinfecting wipes, 4 boxes of Kleenex, 4 pencil pouches, 200 sheets looseleaf paper, 2 scissors, erasers, socks, underwear, and I won’t even mention the clothes!!

**What’s up with Brett Favre?! The Jets?? If you are going to retire, just do it already. I can’t believe I even shed a tear during his retirement speech -and I am not even a big fan of his!!

Get To Work

I kicked Justin’s butt back to work, now it’s time to get some sh@! done around here. :o) K. is off at camp for a few days. I hope he enjoys it!

Yesterday I went and signed up for a family membership at the Y and the plan was to put my girl and the twins in swimming lessons for 2 weeks, but apparently I missed the registration deadline. I missed another summer of swimming lessons. Hopefully we can find time this fall to fit it in between football, cheerleading, soccer and dance. I plan to visit there often while my kids are at school and get my fatass in shape.

I headed to Lowe’s to pick out paint colors for my office and quickly became overwhelmed. Have I mentioned I hate painting walls? I would much, much prefer to hire someone to do it. I picked out a main neutral color for the main color and than 3 accent colors. I totally can see what I want in my head, but as far as getting it done, who knows. I painted 2 of the walls the neutral color and got bored and quit. Now it will probably sit like that until the kids go to school!

I signed up for a photography course. I am VERY excited about this. I can’t wait to learn what the heck I am doing!

I think we are going to get some school shopping done today -can you believe that school starts in 17 days (BB is counting down)! He absolutely does NOT want to go. I see clinging and bawling happening on THAT DAY. Most likely by both of us. ;o)

Happy Monday!