The Most Awful Sound

Last spring, I got sick and tired of chasing our dog around the development everytime he got loose or went outside without being tied up. Enter this:A wireless pet fence transmitter and collar. I had my dog trained after a few days. It is fantastic -I can let him outside and not have to worry about running away, and he has access to about half of our 2.5 acres. We have only had a few times where he has escaped and usually that is when he got his collar wet and the battery went dead. The system uses a static shock technique and makes a beeping sound when the dog is getting close to his boundary. If he doesn’t get back to his “safe” zone, it will emit static shocks until he does or will shut off after 30 seconds. I have his collar set on one of the highest levels because that is the only way the little turd would listen to it.

Now onto last night. About 12:30 a.m. or so, we start getting a nasty storm with 70 mph wind and tons of rain. Justin and I had stayed up late to drink mojitos and play Stratego (I won!!) so we were witness to this unfortunate event. The power goes out. The dog starts letting out an awful yelping sound. And keeps on. We are like WTF?! It takes a few seconds in our mojito-fazed brains to realize what’s going on. Justin ran for the dog. I ran for the transmitter. He got the collar off as I got it unplugged. Poor puppy. I will be looking into this further today -I know it is supposed to have a backup for when the power goes out to prevent this from happening.

On a side note, last night was the kids’ last night of summer soccer. Any of my kids have yet to score a goal during an actual soccer game. Sad, but true. The older two have been playing for a number of years even. Well, last night FINALLY one of my kids scored!!!!! YAY! And the star was…. BB! Way to go little guy! He was so proud, it was the cutest thing ever!


We spent the weekend at the rig hanging out with Justin. For those of you who are wondering what the rig is and what they do, I am going to make my husband collaborate on a blog with me where we will explain what it is and what goes on later this week.

Yesterday, we went out to eat for lunch and while we were there a storm came through. It poured and poured and there was dime-sized hail. We later discovered that the roof of my Subaru was completely dented. ;o( And THEN, the same storm traveled to the SE, 250 miles away, and got my house. As far as I can see, the siding is damaged in a few spots and there are some shingles laying around the yard. There are a few dents here and there, but for the most part I think we lucked out since the hail was tennis ball-sized!!

My Grandma’s angiogram went well and they found no major damage. That is such a relief! I was pretty worried about it!

These are all pics from the weekend -enjoy and have a good week!


My hubby called me yesterday to inform me that clouds were rotating above their location. FREAKY. They don’t exactly have basements to get into for safety or anything. And then he would say, “I’ll call you back”, and I would wait while thinking the worst. There was some nasty weather over there yesterday. Lots of hail, semis overturned on the side of the road… Check out his pictures on Flickr. Pretty cool!

Here are some more of my pics from the last week or so…

Storm Cloud