Bridger’s charity: water video debut!

Encourage your children to think beyond presents this holiday season. Give a child water. Water changes everything.

Clean Water for Christmas

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We have had some issues in the past few years with BB sleepwalking. Not really issues, but it’s freaky nonetheless. One time, I was sound asleep and woke up because I felt someone staring at me. You know, that feeling. I opened my eyes to see him standing there, just waiting for me to wake up. Then, the gibberish started. I picked him up and tucked him back into his bed. Another time, he brought me a book to read to him after he had already been asleep for hours.

It’s so ODD. Really. To have someone walking around, eyes open, but not really conscious. I’m afraid that one of these days he will fall down the stairs or something. It’s a long way down from his room to the main floor!

So, last night, about an hour after he had gone to bed, he walks down the stairs and over to me on my chair where I am watching TV. He begins talking, only I can’t really understand what he is saying. Thanks to some quick-thinking on my part, I grab my phone and start recording, so I can show him in the a.m. He NEVER remembers any of it. I ask him questions and he answers them (sort of). Only he doesn’t know who I am. So.Weird. And when I ask him what day it is? I think he is trying to say “Monday” but it comes out sounding like German or something. Hah!

This seems to happen when he is overly tired. We had just completed our Run the ‘Hood 5K after school yesterday, and he ran the entire 3.1 miles, so I know he was exhausted.

He gave me his permission to post this video, so have a giggle {sorry for all the background noise}:


My twins are raising money for charity: water, and would be so happy if you could help:
Ashton’s Thrilling Drilling Campaign
Bridger’s Clean Water for Christmas Campaign

the post where i show off my video-making skills

or something like that.

Apologies for my sweaty gross self, my wooping and hollering, and the squeaky sound coming from The Crew. Watch it anyway and pass it on! THANKS!

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9 days left in our campaign!

for my warm-weathered friends.

Okay, it didn’t work as good as it did in the early-morning hours, but you get the idea! :)

P.S. Join me in training for a 1/2 marathon!
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do the rawr

Clean water for Christmas!
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I have always been a huge fan of Cheerios. I love cereal in the mornings but am not a fan of the sugary concoctions. I recently was given the opportunity to try out Cinnamon Burst Cheerios before it hit the stores, but I had just started the South Beach Diet and, unfortunately, grains were not on my list of approved foods at the time. :) I decided to put cereal through the true test… my kids. Their conclusion? Two thumbs up!

I’m thinking we should start a musical group, no? I can be the songwriter.

Cinnamon Burst Cheerios contain 8 g of whole grains per serving, 5 g fiber, 9 g sugar, and is low in fat and cholesterol.

The Cinnamon Burst Cheerios, information, and Flip camera were given to me by Cheerios and MyBlogSpark. The opinions expressed are my own, and the video and awesome jingle are of my own creation, yay!

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Too Cool.

He makes me giggle.


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Take Down

I kind of feel like I am just barely treading water these days! Sheesh! I just can’t seem to get completely on top of ANYTHING!

The twins have started a 2-week wrestling program, a first for them. BB has been dying to be in wrestling since last spring (we missed the deadline!) and Ash had no interest in wrestling, other than the normal “matches” that occur at home between to 6-year-old boys! Since it was only $10, I told him he should give it a try and if he didn’t like it, he could quit. Turns out they both love it. Me? Not so much.

They had their first death match tournament Friday evening, and it was complete mayhem after weigh-in. Kids turned loose on the mats, dropping, pushing, attacking… it was scary to watch! Bridger had a bloody lip that we had to clean up before the actual tournament even began! I was so relieved when the coaches finally started the tournament and put order to the utter chaos.

Of course, my camera battery was dead, so I took the video camera. Turns out, that battery was dead, too. So here is the horrible video shot on my Blackberry, courtesy of Averie…. (she skips in between the two guys. BB is in the first match, in the red shorts, and Ash is the second match w/white shirt, gray shorts)

Oddly enough, they both want to attend the tournament this weekend, too. I just have to mentally prepare myself first.

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