Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

Today is the weekly weigh-in over at Shrinking Jeans and I am down 0.6 lbs. Now this may not seem like a lot, BUT I weighed myself on Monday after returning home from a weekend of indulgence, and let’s just say that I am down 4.6 lbs from THEN. I am very, very pleased with this.

I am putting myself in sort of a two-week Boot Camp to ready myself for the unmentionable opportunity I will be participating in. I have sworn off beer until then and am trying to work out. Emphasis on TRYING. I went to the gym yesterday and hurt worse than usual, but it felt so good while I was doing it. I am going to talk to my chiropractor at my appointment today and see what she has to say!

Weigh-In Wednesday

Weigh-In day again!

After a week of birthdays, Fourth of July, margaritas, and beer -the results are in…

Down 1.2 lbs.

I ate a lot of “not great” food choices, but I have also been trying to eat LESS as a result of that. It is that time too, so I am ecstatic to have lost that much this week. The older two kids and I did a 5K walk the morning of the Fourth and it felt great to exercise. I miss the gym!

I am now at my lowest weight since starting Shrinking Jeans last November! Woo-hoo! It feels good to FINALLY be making consistent progress!



The Sisterhood - Team PURPLE!

Today is the end of week 3 in our Shrinking Days of Summer challenge has arrived and you know what that means… Weigh-In Day!

I did so, SO good with watching what I ate last week. Like, better than I have in a LONG time. I was down a pound and a half on Friday. And then the weekend came. There was beer. And Cyndee’s candy. And all sorts of yummy goodness. I didn’t do HORRIBLE with the eating, but I could have done so much better.

My results today? Down 0.4 lbs.

Have I mentioned that my team is awesome? Go PURPLE!

Weekly Report

The Sisterhood - Team PURPLE!

The end of week 2 in our Shrinking Days of Summer challenge has arrived and you know what that means… Weigh-In Day!

I went out to eat with Megan’s family and Erin on Saturday night, then had company over at my house and stayed up until the wee hours of morning and drank a shit ton of beer and *gag* *gag* smoked a few cigarettes. Ew. I was not feeling so hot Sunday morning, but managed to avoid the HUGE hangover munchies I usually get. From that day on, I have done awesome with my eating. I even managed to avoid buying all the tempting foods at the grocery store yesterday!

Exercise is still lacking… it’s just the twins and I here this week and we have been having MASSIVE rain. However, I am doing this 5K this weekend. If you are in the area, be sure to participate – it is for an awesome cause! I plan on doing another 5K the morning of the 4th as well!

Anyway, my results: Down 2 lbs this week, 2.6 lbs total for the challenge. I’ll take it.


Today is the beginning of our Shrinking Days of Summer challenge at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. Don’t let the name fool you, men… you are welcome to join in too! I am so excited to see all the new (and old) faces! It’s not too late to join us!

The last challenge started out well for me, as well as the Shredding, but I managed to get an injury about halfway through and am still battling it. Suck!

My goals for this challenge are to get back into a regular fitness routine and lose 15 pounds!

Go Team PURPLE! Make sure you check out my fellow teammates’ blogs on the right sidebar! What a wonderful bunch of women!

Grand Finale

Today is the FINAL weigh-in for our Shrinking into Summer challenge over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. Over the last 8 weeks, I have lost a total of 5 lbs. Not bad, but of course, I was aiming for much more than that!

I have been HORRIBLE at exercising the last few weeks. Ever since I injured *something* in my leg/ass/hip area, I have been taking it easy. I tried some drugs (prescription!) this past week to see if that would ease the pain and heal me, but unfortunately, I seem to be in the same boat as before. Not fun. Maybe I should just try going to the gym regularly again and see if it works itself out.

Speaking of the gym, it is the last week of school here! I don’t know what my exercise routine will look like after this Friday. It is going to be hard to do with the kids home!

We are going to have a new weight-loss challenge kicking off on June 3rd if you want to join in the fun! ;o)

Headed in the Right Direction. Or not.

It’s that time again at Shrinking Jeans… the glorious weigh-in day. At least the scale went down this week – I have lost 3.4 lbs. And that, my dears, is the highlight of this post. Click away now if you don’t want to read my pathetic vent.

I have fallen off the Shredding wagon. Or taking a break. Call it what you want. I did the workout Friday before I went out-of-town, and even went so far as to bring the DVD and dumbbells with me to the hotel! That is about as far as I went with that. I have been having horrible, sciatic nerve issues in my left leg/hip. It pretty much sucks ass. Most times, it hurts to walk. I did try shredding yesterday, but quit during the first round of Level 2. It hurt. I got 40 minutes of cardio in at the gym, as well as a few ab/arm weights. Nothing yet today.

Why is it that when all other aspects of my life are so out of control, my eating is much more in control? Excluding the weekend, I have done great controlling my appetite. I like it!

My husband? We haven’t even slept in the same room for over a week now. That pretty much tells you how well THAT relationship is going. We don’t even talk, unless you count the things we mutter under our breath as we glare at each other. His very presence is annoying the shit out of me.

My stepson? I did my weekly check of the kids’ grades yesterday and he had not one, but TWO more assignments he didn’t turn in. Zeros. I do not even know what to do there anymore. It’s not that he isn’t smart, because he is… his laziness and lack of organization just get him into trouble.

I have an appointment on Saturday to get my nappy hair done, and while I was going to keep it long, I am sort of feeling a chop coming on. Yes, that’s it. Chop the hair, and the world will be a better place.

Same Old…


Another weigh-in day over at Shrinking Jeans is upon us…

This weeks results: +0.8 lbs.

Shit! I was doing good last week up until Friday, then all went to hell. Beer, Jack & Diet, Easter candy… not good. I missed 1.67 days of my shredding out of 9. (Yeah, I started it one day and then said screw it.) Tomorrow I will be moving on to Level 2 and it is sure to hurt.

On the plus side, I swear I can see muscles in my shoulders that weren’t there before, and my gluteus maximus is killing me the last two days, so something has GOT TO be going on with my muscles.

I know what I NEED to do, now if I can just get over my emotional rollercoaster and get to it! I get so frustrated with the lack of results I am seeing. *sigh*

Weigh-In Wednesday

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

It’s the first weigh-in of the Shrink into Summer challenge over at Shrinking Jeans. I am down 0.4 pounds from last week. That’s like a sneeze. Boo.

I have been doing well exercising as usual, added on Wii Fit Hula for our mini-challenge, and am going to add shredding on top of that starting on Monday! This is going to be the month I see major results. I just know it.

Don’t forget you have until 3 pm today for your chance to win one of SEVEN copies of the 30 Day Shred, I hope you join us!

Weigh-In Day

This is the final weigh-in for our short Kiss Me, I’m Shrinking challenge over at Shrinking Jeans. I am sad to report that I stayed the same this three weeks! I have been in a funk for awhile and it also affected my gym and eating habits! I am doing great working out this week, however, and am going to start logging my points into WW online.

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans